Public-Private Partnerships to Bridge Demand-Supply Gap in Saudi’s Healthcare Sector

October 30, 2017

Government expenditure on healthcare across the globe is growing at a pace that is unlikely to be sustainable unless new funding sources are found. As this reality dawns, governments around the world are increasingly looking to Public Private Partnerships  (PPPs) to build effective healthcare systems.

While providing healthcare is largely recognised as the responsibility of the government, private capital and expertise are gradually being viewed as sources to promote efficiency and innovation. It is apparent that the ultimate solution is neither total reliance on government nor the private sector, but rather, a third-way path—a public-private partnership to bring prosperity and economic progress to the average citizen.

Engineer Sobhi Batterjee, President and CEO of Saudi German Hospitals Group, believes that the healthcare industry in GCC is foisting for a rapid growth. “By 2025, there will be an increase in the population growth, health risks, lifestyle diseases, awareness, innovations in medical field, etc.” he added.

He strongly believes that setting the stage for better medical facilities and establishments covers only one aspect of the gap. While world class medical education facilities are essential to meet the demands of professional talents in healthcare, he states that the upcoming demand in healthcare industry can only be met through innovative Public- Private Partnerships.

While the Saudi government funds most of the demand for healthcare sector, industry analysts believe that government alone will be unable to continue to meet this demand, which is why the government has identified healthcare as one of the key sectors targeted in its National Transformation Program.

In light of these advancements and the special potential of growing demand and rising investments in the private healthcare sector, BizWingz Production House is organizing The Saudi Healthcare Privatization Summit 2017 which is aimed at encouraging participation from the private sector by bringing together buyers and suppliers in order to decrease demand-supply gap. Come watch the best minds in the healthcare industry from across the pan-Saudi region, as well as the rest of the world, convene on a single platform at The Riyadh Marriott Hotel, Riyadh on the 27th and the 28th of November, 2017.

Registration for the Summit is open – Ensure your participation for the ultimate knowledge-sharing summit at the earliest.

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