Real Chemistry Think Tank: Improve Customer Experience Through A Holistic Engagement Model

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Taren Grom, Co-Founder and Editor, PharmaVOICE (Moderator) Joshua Prabhakar, VP and Head of Franchise, Sobi North America Jo Ann Saitta, Chief Digital Officer, Real Chemistry

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Joshua Prabhakar and Jo Ann Saitta discuss how creating a holistic engagement model is improving the customer experience for rare disease patients engaging with a new brand that has launched to market during COVID.

Listen to Josh and Jo Ann as they discuss:

  • Launching a drug in COVID
  • The challenges and opportunities of marketing rare disease drugs
  • How engaging all customers and influencers (patients, HCPs, payors) across the journey can have a valuable impact on the customer experience of rare disease patients
  • Developing an agile approach through principles of customer experience by being holistic and starting small and adaptable to meet the patients where they are
  • Pharma’s acceleration to achieve omnichannel experiences as compared to other industries, and how we can learn from them
  • Balancing metrics and structure to deliver relevant customer engagement and the essence of the brand

This Think Tank is #2 in a series of 6.

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