Agents of Change: Lessons from guiding business transformations from start to finish

Thought Leader:
Chandler Goodman, Director, Thought Leadership, Gagen MacDonald Hillary Goodman, Managing Director. Gagen MacDonald

When it comes to business transformations, failure is the norm. But is that really how it has to be?

In this thought-provoking podcast, Chandler Goodman and Hillary Goodman of Gagen MacDonald share stories and insights from their experiences supporting business leaders through times of significant change and transformation. No two business transformations are the same, yet consistent patterns of employee wants and needs tend to emerge—and the importance of employee buy-in is paramount. Goodman and Goodman discuss Gagen’s focus on The Three Things That Change Everything™—a compelling story, committed leaders, and an intentional roadmap—and how life sciences companies can apply them as they reimagine their businesses for a rapidly changing world.

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