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September 2005
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Internet Deemed the Most Trusted Media Source by Healthcare Consumers [...]
Suite of Technology Solutions Addresses Safety Issues Life-sciences organizations face [...]
Patients’ Channel Preferences Vary by Personal Situation In the past [...]

David Zaritsky and Julian ParreƱo

What’s New
What’s New New healthcare-related products, services, and companies GfK Group [...]
Talent Pool
Pharma POOL Louis C. Arp Dr. Lyn D. Olson Eisai [...]
Letter from the Editor
In June, PharmaVOICE hosted its first Pharmaceutical Marketers KnowledgeShare Forum, [...]

Taren Grom, Editor

What’s on Your Mind — Opinions
Opinions Six Sigma: A Process Strategy The vision for Six [...]

On The Cover

Pharmaceutical Industry Image – Regaining the Trust
Forum Pharmaceutical Industry Image – Regaining the Trust Repairing the pharmaceutical industry’s tarnished image is a major undertaking that many believe has barely begun, and it’s larger than just a communications issue. All sectors of the industry need to unite behind a single message and purpose: to restore credibility to an industry that does tremendous [...]

Elisabeth Pena Villarroel


Six Sigma: Quality Improvement Programs
Six Sigma: Quality Improvement Programs Implementing a six sigma quality improvement program is not a magic pill to instantly improve business performance. Instead it is a structured way to improve the product or service delivered to customers while improving business efficiency. The Six Sigma quality improvement program has proven its value in manufacturing circles since [...]
ECG Goes Digital
ECG Goes Digital By Denise Myshko With regulatory agencies placing a greater emphasis on cardiac safety, pharmaceutical companies are now required to test all drugs for their impact on cardiac repolarization. Electronic data capture and transfer technologies are making this a much more manageable endeavor. Paper ECGs in clinical trials are but a blip away [...]

Denise Myshko

Kevin Hrusovsky — Bucking the Trend
Kevin Hrusovsky — Bucking the Trend By Kim Ribbink From the playing fields to football fandom to building teams to the corporate boardroom, Kevin Hrusovsky carries an infectious enthusiasm for everything he does. And it’s that energy that is helping to drive innovation at Caliper Life Sciences. “Innovation is not just about technology; it’s also [...]

Kim Ribbink

The CRA: A Key to Site Effectiveness
The CRA: A Key to Site Effectiveness Clinical Research Associates By Denise Myshko Electronic data capture and other clinical-research technologies are having a far-reaching impact that extends beyond just the quick and efficient gathering of data. Clinical research associates — employed by the sponsor or CRO to review study records to ensure that a trial [...]

Denise Myshko