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September 2020
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Letter from the Editor
What’s Next … Over the past several months, I, like [...]

Taren Grom, Editor

Bristol Myers Squibb Commits 0 Million to Health Equity and [...]

PharmaVOICE Staff

Amwell Telehealth Use Swells During Pandemic Trend Watch: Technology Rises [...]

PharmaVOICE Staff

Artificial Intelligence
SOPHiA Genetics’ First Multimodal Approach to Predict COVID-19 Disease Evolution [...]

PharmaVOICE Staff

Innovator’s Corner
Turning on the Switch Fulcrum’s proprietary product engine identifies drug [...]

Robert Gould, Ph.D., CEO, Fulcrum Therapeutics

Last Word
Changing the Patient–Scientist Dialogue Paul Kidwell, Senior Public Relations/Patient Advocacy [...]

Paul Kidwell, Senior Public Relations/Patient Advocacy Consultant & Podcaster

On The Cover

What’s Next Post-COVID-19: The Next Normal
From R&D to commercial operations, stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem are adjusting to the next phase of the pandemic: business in a new reality. With some experts predicting that the “normalization” of business operations could be several months to a year away as the world awaits a vaccine or vaccines, organizations across the life-sciences industry [...]

Carolyn Gretton and Robin Robinson


SHOWCASE: Big Data: Big is Better: The Importance of Data in Industry Advances
Big data is big business, and for the life-sciences and healthcare industries it’s playing an important role in informing everything from R&D to commercialization. With the growth of digital healthcare, it is estimated that the amount of data the industry is collecting is increasing by around 50% per year. The healthcare and life-sciences industries have [...]

PharmaVOICE Staff

Why Are We Settling for Mediocre Patient Services Programs?
Meet Dorothy: mother of twin 12-year-old girls who inherited her natural talent and love for tennis. Every weekend she coaches their junior team and analyzes each match on their way to get pizza. Dorothy thrives on the tennis court next to her girls; she feels energized and empowered. Monday mornings, on the other hand, don’t [...]

Maria Kirsch, Senior VP & Head of Patient Services Operations, EVERSANA

The Fabric of Data Cognizance
Effective data businesses have always been built on a foundation of individual honesty. Leaders faced with big decisions have been quick to listen to what their patients and employees tell them, but have also been slower to make judgments based on their gut instincts. The reason? EHR data just weren’t always available. Over the course [...]

Angelo Campano, Senior VP, Point of Care Practice (EHR/ABM), Ogilvy Health

Will Big Data Fundamentally Change Our Approach to the Next Pandemic?
Big Data…Hero at Large? The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced a rethink of drug discovery and healthcare management. Over the first half of 2020, we have seen an unprecedented speed of candidate drug evaluation for the treatment of COVID-19 and the development of vaccines directed against SARS-CoV-2. According to the latest data from the WHO, [...]

Iyiola Obayomi, Marketing Analytics Practice Lead, Ogilvy Health

Turning Data into Storytelling
Beyond communications skills, creating a good data story requires research. Nobody wants to listen to a boring story. And for some, data can be boring, or at best, confusing. Telling an enthralling story takes a certain skill, and when the topic is a mound of eye-glazing data and analysis, it becomes even more difficult to [...]

Robin Robinson

SHOWCASE: Digital Marketing: AI, VR, AR: A New Age of Digital Tools Changes the Game for Marketers
Whether it’s social media forums, internal digital platforms, AI-powered apps and chat bots, or augmented and virtual reality, the digital tools open to the pharma industry today are changing the face of marketing. More and more pharma companies are using digital tools to reach their audiences. According to one survey, more than 50% of companies [...]

PharmaVOICE Staff

Leveraging Data and Machine Learning to Drive Brand Performance
There is no question that 2020 has been a year like none other, especially for those in the healthcare industry. For brand managers, that meant sales teams were grounded; budgets got frozen, or even cut in many cases; healthcare practitioners moved their offices virtual; and telehealth services jumped light-years ahead in terms of usage and [...]

Michelle Petroff, Head of Fingerpaint's Conshohocken, PA, office, Nick Bartolomeo, Co-lead, Fingerpaint's SHIFT Performance Center of Excellence and Bryan O'Malley, Co-lead, Fingerpaint's SHIFT Performance Center of Excellence

Driving Digital Strategy Forward: Customer Engagement in COVID-19 and Beyond
The life-sciences industry is starting to find a new baseline, adapting to the abrupt remote digital pivot many organizations needed to make. While we acknowledge in recent years the industry has been on a path toward digital transformation, there’s no denying that the complications arising from the COVID-19 pandemic have accelerated that process for many [...]


We’re All Digital Natives
We’ve all heard the term “flatten the curve” to describe the efforts being made to curb infection rates of COVID-19, but today’s tumultuous climate is disrupting another curve — the adoption curve of digital health. In 2019, a survey revealed that two-thirds of patients were open to the idea of telehealth, but only 8% had [...]

Christopher Jankoski, Digital Strategist, Ogilvy Health

Convention Tactics in a POST-COVID-19 Environment
The beginning of 2020 presented some extremely unique circumstances for everyone. It didn’t take long to realize life was going to change on a personal and professional level. As the quarantine started, and the medical congresses for the rest of 2020 were being canceled, agencies knew their marketing strategies had to adapt fast. Clients were [...]

Nick Bellomo, Tech Lead, Ogilvy Health

Accessible Healthcare: The Key Role of Health Literacy
Health literacy can have a significant bearing on outcomes, so helping patients understand their health and treatments is critical. Health information is by its very nature complex. Explaining a disease or how to take a drug or a drug’s potential side effects to a patient can be difficult and can prevent patients from making informed [...]

Kim Ribbink

Commanders & Chiefs: Chief Medical Officers
Chief Medical Officers have a big remit when it comes to overseeing their organization’s clinical trial strategies as well as keeping the patient voice top of mind. Dr. David Andrews Tracking Neo-Antigens The biggest trend in the immuno-oncology space is the pursuit of a successful solid tumor immunotherapy, which would be a major breakthrough for [...]

PharmaVOICE Staff

Speak Out: From Crawl to Run: Maturing Digital Engagement
In the last 5 years, the pharmaceutical industry has taken clear steps towards omnichannel engagement. In the last 5 months, the walking — and sometimes crawling — has turned into a race. And not everyone is ready to run. The core drivers of success in pharmaceutical sales have not changed: • Removing barriers to access [...]

Antonio Pregueiro, Practice Lead, Customer Enagement, Center of Excellence, IQVIA