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October 2011
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Taking Innovation to a New Level Ulrich Betz, Ph.D., Director [...]

Ulrich Betz, Ph.D., Director at Merck Serono

Talent Pool
Pharmaceutical POOL Greg IRACE Anne WHITAKER Sanofi Shifts U.S. Leadership [...]
Pharma Trax
Sales, marketing, And R&D?Trends affecting the healthcare industry Vision and [...]
Social Media
Social Media trends, regs, and apps Number Of Healthcare Organizations [...]
Tools of the Trade
New electronic and web-based applications, sites, and technologies POR Provides [...]
What’s New
New healthcare-related products, services, and companies Lumina Seeks to Support [...]
Opinions, insights, and commentary from around the industry Getting to [...]

Chuck Saldarini, CEO of Sentrx Safety ­Solutions

Awards… » Agile Recognized by New Jersey Group Agile Therapeutics [...]
Letter from the Editor
Letter from the Editor Nurturing the Life Cycle The challenges [...]

Taren Grom, Editor

On The Cover

A Changing Market Environment Requires New PLM Strategies
In a market environment that is increasingly value-based, the industry must begin to review its product life-cycle management (PLM) strategy and prepare for more effective ways to cope with the evolving challenges when it comes to pipeline maintenance. For example, companies need to start implementing PLM earlier than ever before. Instead of approaching PLM as [...]

Robin Robinson


From Operational Excellence to Strategic Partner: A Call to Action for Pharmaceutical Marketing Operations
Pharmaceutical marketing operations is in transition. As brand teams shrink and demands grow, particularly in such areas as medical/regulatory/legal (M/R/L) review and speaker management, pharma executives increasingly turn to marketing operations for help. Marketing operations has traditionally focused on operational excellence, delivering services to brand teams, and supporting company marketing initiatives. They sit with brand [...]

Don Paras, Director, Management Advisor, Marketing Operations Practice Leader, TGaS Advisors

Connecting with Professional and Patient Targets: Going Back to the Future with Live Telephone Interviewing
More than a decade ago, the Internet took the market research world by storm. Online studies offer a fast, simple, cost-effective way to reach target audiences. A wide range of factors, however, often makes healthcare projects difficult to complete using online alone: Gatekeepers — such as office managers — filter out surveys before physicians see [...]

Chris De Angelis, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, SSI

Agency Ideals
So with all due caveats, asterisks, and apologies for oversimplifying what is truly a complicated, messy affair, and at the risk of sounding overly Aristotelian, I’m convinced there are only four basic ideals involved in the creation and management of an ad agency: The Clients, The Work, The Money, and The People. These four ideals [...]

Matt Giegerich, Chairman & CEO Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide

Is the Business of Health Care Getting in the Way of Providing Good Health Care?
“It’s not my job to sell your treatment.” This was a profound statement I heard a few years ago from a physician during market research. Today, I think I would hear something significantly more threatening: “I can’t afford to use your treatment.” In the last few years, thousands of smaller practitioners have been getting out [...]

Ken Ribotsky, President and CEO, The Core Nation

SHOWCASE FEATURE: Marketing on a Two-Way Street
Social media is seen by many as today’s equivalent of meeting friends for a chat at the local diner or coffee shop, albeit with a much wider reach and somewhat longer life span message-wise. Joe Willis, VP, sales and marketing, SkinMedica, notes that social media is easy to access and instantly connects users with a [...]

Carolyn Gretton

Hello South Africa
A Diverse and Sophisticated Market With a diverse population, a thriving research environment, strong infrastructure along with geographic reach into the rest of Africa, South Africa has many advantages for the global pharma industry. With its population of more than 50 million people from diverse ethnic backgrounds, South Africa offers excellent opportunities for both local [...]

Kim Ribbink

New Science Means New Ways to Target Disease
Epigenetics — the study of changes in gene expression — is ­rapidly ­emerging as a field that presents tremendous opportunity for drug discovery. We are on the edge of a new biology. It turns out that our genes are just part of the story about what makes us who we are. Much has been learned [...]

Denise Myshko

30 Years of AIDS Research
Antiretroviral agents have revolutionized treatment for HIV/AIDS. But there is still a ­tremendous need for prevention and less-costly therapies. Much progress has been made over the last 30 years in the HIV/AIDS arena. HIV infection is no longer considered a death sentence, thanks to antitretroviral “cocktail” medications. Experts say the biggest advance over the last [...]

Denise Myshko

Social Media and Patient Education
From pharmaceutical companies to patient organizations, the ­industry taps into the power of ­educating patients through ­social media channels. With a growing number of patients using social media to manage disease and chronic conditions, the industry is beginning to offer its educational materials via those channels as well. According to Yolanda Marie Johnson-Moton, strategy consultant, [...]

Robin Robinson