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March 2011
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PV: What are some of the challenges facing ­pharmaceutical companies [...]
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March 21-22 BioConference Live: Life Sciences PharmaVOICE is exhibiting at [...]
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Social Media Trends, Regs, and Apps Featured Briefs: Product Websites [...]
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FDA Basics for Industry is a Web-based resource provided by [...]
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Through its recent acquisition of MedPage Today, a news organization [...]
Pharmaceutical companies will see an opportunity to increase their visibility [...]
According to a new study, media coverage of HIV/AIDS fell [...]
Patent Cliff By 2016 medicines that generate sales of 3 [...]
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Who Inspires You? PharmaVOICE Wants to Know! Each year the [...]
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Cheers! Time flies when one is having fun. And the [...]

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A Decade of Change
During the past decade there have been tremendous advances in science, innovation, technology, communications, and ­patient engagement. There have also been some tremendous setbacks, including major drug recalls, intensified regulatory oversight, and let’s not forget the infamous “gas-and-go” tactics employed by some members of the field force. It has been the best of times, it [...]

Taren Grom, Editor


Ready to Take a Risk Again?
As agencies, we share a responsibility to experiment and push boundaries to drive our brands’ — and our Clients — success. Media channels and offerings are varied and increasing every day. The potential for innovation within the digital media sphere is such that you can create what you need versus relying upon pre-built vehicles. Many [...]

Tatiana Lyons SVP, Director of Client Services, Torre Lazur McCann

What Advances in Technology did to Healthcare Communications
Welcome to the 21st century — a time period where advances in electronic media have opened new opportunities to communicate with physicians and patients, explore ­creativity, and help bring the health care world closer together. But as we’ll see, there are some things in our business that even the best technology can’t do. Capturing the [...]

Barclay Missen, Director of Digital Communications, Topin & Associates

Reach More Potential Patients
In the year ending October 2010, more than .4 billion was spent to promote drugs directly to consumers (DTC) through television, magazine, newspaper, Internet, radio, and outdoor advertisements. Although spending was higher when there were more blockbusters being advertised, there are still many brands today for which DTC advertising is one of the biggest marketing [...]

Melissa Leonhauser Director, Strategic ­Marketing, SDI

202020 VISION
Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide, part of the Ogilvy & Mather network and a WPP company, represents the largest assembly of creative talent in the world of healthcare communications with 64 offices across 36 countries. { For more information visit To request the full version of the 202020 VISION report, please contact hat we know [...]

David Davenport-Firth, Global Brand Strategy Director, Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide

SHOWCASE FEATURE: Pharma Advertising: The 3.0 Version
According to Ernst & Young’s Progressions 2011 report, in the world of Pharma 3.0, success will be based not on how many drug units are sold, but on how well pharma’s market offerings improve health outcomes, putting patients and payers at the center of the model. As part of this transition, pharma companies are embracing [...]
Namaste India: Growth Across the Board
India’s importance in the pharmaceutical space is indisputable. With healthcare booming, a strong medical infrastructure, lower costs, and high levels of patient recruitment and retention, India presents enormous potential. The pharmaceutical business has been growing by 12% to 13% over the past several years. According to Cutting Edge Information, this rate will increase as the [...]

Kim Ribbink

Thought Leaders
Ryan Abbate. President, Pacific ­Communications, a healthcare communications agency that ­offers strategic and tactical communications solutions. For more information, visit ­ ­ Edward Abrahams, Ph.D. President,The Personalized ­Medicine Coalition, which brings together the academic, industrial, patient, provider, and payer communities committed to personalized medicine from all parts of the healthcare world. For more information, visit [...]
Technology at the Speed of Light
The impact that the Internet and follow-on technologies have had on all areas of the life-sciences is well-documented throughout this special section, and the majority of our thought leaders have identified this as the biggest game changer in the last 10 years. Going even further, these same thought leaders believe technology — in all its [...]
The End of the Arms Race
After more than a decade of crowding physicians’ offices with as many sales reps who would fit, the pendulum has swung ­dramatically in the other direction. The industry’s field ranks have been reduced dramatically, and now sales reps are crowding unemployment offices. Not just a Hired Gun Terrence Tormey CEO and President, Prevention Pharmaceuticals » [...]
Everyone is Watching
The advent and growth of federal and state compliance regulations and the monitoring of those regulations have absolutely been game changers in the life-sciences industry over the last 10 years, says Peter Sandford, executive VP of NXLevel Solutions, a developer of technology-delivered learning applications. “The charge led by the OIG and DOJ in the early [...]
The Patent Cliff
As companies look to fill the estimated billion in annual revenue expected to be lost to generics over the next five years alone, they must become more adept at life-cycle management, pursuing viable reimbursement strategies, and developing ­evidence-based communications. If it seems as though pundits have been talking about the billions of dollars that [...]
Outsourcing: The Time is Right
The recent world economic events have set the stage for the shape of the industry going forward. “As market conditions evolve, pharma companies are reducing their infrastructures and costs, resulting in a stronger reliance on vendors to meet trial objectives, timelines, and budgets,” says Jim DeSanti, CEO of PharmaVigilant, a clinical trial service provider. “Even [...]
The ABCs of Marketing — Advertising, Branding, and the Customer
The ABCs of MarketingWith the introduction of DTC advertising, health information became ubiquitous, reaching consumers where they live, work, and play. “Enter technology, the Internet, place-based media, mobile devices, social media, and information now are literally available at one’s fingertips,” says Deborah Schnell, president of sales and strategic planning at Healthy Advice Networks, which provides [...]
R&D Innovation: The Key to Long-Term Success
When the scientific discoveries and pipeline-building process of many successful biotechs are layered together, the results are likely to be dramatic. Experts predict there will be a number of game-changing product candidates in development in the next decade. “We view ourselves as part of the ‘multiplier effect’ of innovation emerging from biotech companies,” says Doug [...]
Around the World in 3,650 Days
Some experts say globalization will be the big story. As companies expand into new geographies to increase their revenue footprint and meet unmet healthcare needs, they will leverage talent wherever it is located to deliver solutions to markets everywhere. “The current model of serving mature markets such as the United States, Europe, and Japan will [...]
Business Not As Usual
A decade ago, our experts identified the need for pharmaceutical companies to begin to re-evaluate the business model in light of commercialization hurdles, a looming patent cliff, pipeline constrictions, mergers and acquisitions to name just a few game changers. Now, 10 years later some of these same experts are calling for a real change in [...]
Agility: Key to Agency Success in the Future
For anybody involved in healthcare advertising, on the agency as well as the client side, the last decade has been marked by myriad changes and market factors that have impacted all aspects of the business. Client mergers and acquisitions, heightened regulatory scrutiny of messaging, more messaging channels, patient empowerment, you name it, advertising agency presidents [...]
Talent Pool
Pharmaceutical POOL Dr. Robert CUDDIHY Sanofi-Aventis Adds to Diabetes Team Sanofi-Aventis U.S. has appointed Robert Cuddihy, M.D., VP, medical diabetes head in the U.S. Dr. Cuddihy is responsible for developing and executing the U.S. medical affairs strategy for Sanofi-Aventis’s diabetes division, including pharmaceuticals, devices, and other technologies. Before joining Sanofi-Aventis U.S., Dr. Cuddihy served as [...]