Brigham Hyde, Ph.D. — Data Is Transforming The Landscape

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Brigham Hyde, Ph.D., President, Data & Analytics, EVERSANA

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From the rise of personalized medicine and value-based healthcare to evolving commercial strategies, the effective utilization of data is critical to solving for better patient outcomes.

Brigham Hyde, Ph.D., a highly regarded speaker and thought leader on the value of data and analytics across the life sciences, believes it’s more critical than to reimagine traditional service models and care delivery with the patient first in mind. And this transformation is dependent on the industry’s ability to modernize technology within the healthcare ecosystem, which will require unprecedented agility and innovation.

Uncertain technology investments or disjointed datasets and vendors, however, have made it challenging for companies to integrate technology solutions and a data and analytics strategy, he says. To overcome some of the most pressing challenges, EVERSANA recently entered into several data partnerships across a number of datasets to provide a holistic view of the healthcare ecosystem.

“Our goal is to generate real-time insights into the patient and product life cycle in a centralized, seamless way so that we can focus our efforts on ultimately improving patient outcomes,” Brigham says.

Recognizing that data is at the core of this digital transformation, Brigham says the key is what we do with this data and how we translate the proliferation of data being generated into actions that result in meaningful outcomes for our stakeholders and patients.

“At EVERSANA, we’re able to deliver on the insights derived from our best-in-class data and analytics to drive our clients’ next best action,” he says. “Imagine moving away from traditional hub services to act on data-driven, real-time actions to improve the patient experience and optimize access, affordability, and adherence. We’ve invested heavily in the curation of the datasets we have access to, as well as our end-to-end commercialization services, and this is how our model and our thinking create value across our clients’ portfolios.”

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As a data influencer, Brigham has his finger on the pulse of what it takes to be patient-minded and ways to improve patient outcomes. He and his team are following several emerging trends in which data and analytics play a critical role:
• A shift from volume-based to value-based care, requiring the health systems to effectively manage a population’s health across the care continuum
• Heightened focus on digital transformation and continued enhancement of telehealth services, as well as wearables and apps, using AI/machine learning
• The increased demand for real-world data and real-world evidence, specifically for advancing research and decentralized clinical trials
• Accelerated breakthroughs in precision medicine, leveraging cell and gene therapies and genomic profiling to customize and tailor treatment options for patients. (PV)

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