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Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide Launches the Ogilvy CommonHealth Marketing Cloud

Trending Now:  New service redefines data-driven marketing services for the life-sciences industry.

PV0616_GiegerichPatelOgilvy CommonHealth Worldwide, the health behavior change specialists of Ogilvy & Mather, and a WPP company, has launched the Ogilvy CommonHealth Marketing Cloud platform, a first of its kind, data-driven offering to help marketers better understand, reach, and engage with physicians on an individual level while sharing news of its newly formed partnership with Medikly, a leading provider of physician engagement solutions.

Powered by Medikly’s digital marketing technology platform for life-science companies, Ogilvy CommonHealth’s Marketing Cloud aggregates data across numerous first- and third-party sources, creating a single physician-level profile that helps modern marketers deliver optimized content on every channel and every device, and across paid and owned media.

OCHWW is using Medikly’s digital marketing technology MediklyOS to integrate data intelligence with program workflows to build campaign-informing tools and strategies for the healthcare agency’s global client base. The cloud, mobile, and API-first platform can be easily customized for specific clients and is available across all marketing disciplines and geographies.

“We’re thrilled to announce this meaningful new partnership and bring this new, data-driven solution to our clients and a marketplace desperate for innovation,” says Matt Giegerich, chairman and CEO of Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide.

“Given the increasing complexity and turbulence of our industry, modern marketers need a framework and a set of tools to capture, analyze, and create segments that enable them to predict healthcare provider behavior,” says Ritesh Patel, executive VP, chief digital officer. “Fueled by the Medikly platform, the Ogilvy CommonHealth Marketing Cloud offering enables OCHWW to build unmatched personalized cross-channel campaigns and customer interactions.”

Intouch Solutions Launches Market Access Tool

Intouch Solutions has launched a new client service offering, Intouch Market Access. The establishment of the new discipline PV0616_TradeUpdatescoincides with the hiring of Peter Weissberg as group director of market access. The new market access practice is embedded across all Intouch locations and services.

“Healthcare delivery has fundamentally changed and keeps changing, and so have the influencers who drive the change,” says Faruk Capan, CEO. “Our client-centric mindset — understanding the needs of our clients and their customers — is at the heart of who we are. Intouch Market Access is a natural evolution of that mission. Peter provides the expertise to help our clients address the new and future realities of market access across all phases of product commercialization.”

Mr. Weissberg joins Intouch Solutions from Amerisource Bergen and Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide.

Certara Launches New E-learning Platform for Biosimulation Education

Certara, the global biosimulation technology-enabled drug development company, has launched an e-learning platform through Certara University to satisfy the increased need for education in the burgeoning field of biosimulation or model-based drug development. With the addition of this new on-demand content, scientists from all over the world, with differing skill levels in biosimulation, will be able to access the educational assets developed by Certara’s scientific leaders.

“The use of biosimulation in drug development has evolved from being a research nicety to a regulatory necessity,” says Certara CEO Edmundo Muniz, M.D., Ph.D. “In fact, the FDA and European Medicines Agency have recommended biosimulation in PV0616_FarukCapanmore than a dozen draft regulatory guidance documents and its use is now expected by regulators. As sponsor companies increase their use of biosimulation to inform pivotal drug development decisions and interact with regulators, ongoing education is becoming of paramount importance to ensure they optimize their application of this technology.”

Certara University now offers four types of educational opportunities:

In-person, classroom training on pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) theory and Certara’s Phoenix software technology;

Customer-specific training programs on PK/PD theory and Certara’s Phoenix software technology;

Public and private workshops on physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) theory and Simcyp technology;

On-demand, e-learning courses in PK/PD theory and Certara’s Phoenix software technology.

TGaS Advisors Launches Vendor Management Solution

TGaS Advisors, a benchmarking and advisory services firm for life-sciences companies, has provided information and suggestions on vendors to its commercial clients on an informal basis. TGaS is now formalizing this service with the introduction of Vendor Insights, an online vendor management solution for commercial leaders.

Vendor Insights is open to all life-sciences companies. The subscription service covers vendors serving the entire commercial spectrum of service providers in the market, such as sales and sales operations, digital and multichannel marketing, marketing operations, managed markets, marketing sciences and training and development. The solution provides access to a very deep repository of searchable vendor profiles, including product offerings in each functional area, reach, areas of specialization and utilization information.

PV0616_DrEdmundoMunizVendors were and are provided with the opportunity to customize their profiles at no charge. Profiles are paired with usage ratings on such factors as subject matter expertise, value, quality and dependability. TGaS aggregates, verifies, analyzes, and anonymizes all ratings information to ensure it is objective and fact based, never disclosing any one single rating or rating company.

According to Stephen Gerard, CEO of TGaS Advisors, TGaS Vendor Insights provides a complete set of fact based information, ratings and rankings on vendors, allowing clients to find the service provider who is right for them. Vendors can also publicize their services to a broader range of companies at no cost. Considering what even the smallest life-sciences companies spend on these services, Vendor Insights is an important tool designed to derive the greatest value for these investments.

Research Hive Introduces Recruiting and Retention Tool

Research Hive, a software developer for clinical research professionals, has released its recruiting and retention mobile app to help research sites and trial sponsors run clinical trials more efficiently.

Research Hive provides access to all active trial information and enrollment criteria, and also serves as a direct point-to-point communication portal allowing instant patient referrals without the need for data entry. As a secure and user-friendly research tool for recruitment, Research Hive addresses the common issue of investigators who are hesitant to use recruiting tools.

“From multiple universities and medical schools to a HIV/AIDS pharmaceutical sponsor, the flexibility our process offers makes critical trial information available at everyone’s fingertips,” explains Alex Harris, co-founder of Research Hive. “Coordinators and investigators use Research Hive daily to access their study data, refer patients, update statuses, print consents, and perform other daily tasks.” (PV)

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