Combining Patient Data with the Patient Voice: A Novel Approach

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Wesley Michael, President and Founder, Rare Patient Voice LLC Inder Jaggi, CEO and Founder, Clinakos

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Companies spend billions of dollars on both procuring healthcare data and conducting market research with limited results. This problem is especially acute in oncology and rare diseases where patients are hard to find and their data is often lacking in syndicated or aggregated data sets. Qualitative and quantitative surveys provide useful but limited results since patients often do not remember details like diagnoses, medications, and lab results. Further, market research initiatives are disconnected from syndicated data sets and there is no way to link billions of dollars of RWD purchases with patients and HCPs who participate in market research and clinical trials.

Recent technological and regulatory changes have enabled a novel approach to combine real world data and market research. This includes linking qualitative and quantitative research with actual patient records across 90% EMRs, 99% pharmacies, 90% labs and other data sources with a coverage of over 320 million US lives and 90% of the US physicians/HCPs. Combining the patient’s actual medical data with their experience and opinions provides unique insights for pharma and market research and has the ability to enhance use cases such as chart audits, patient journeys, insights, HEOR, clinical trials, RWD and RWE. Join us in hearing about real world examples of how this approach is transforming the world of healthcare data and market research as we know it.

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