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TGaS Insights Launches Report Service for Pharmaceutical Commercial Leaders

 Trending Now:  New service provides an “outside-in” perspective on what’s happening beyond the four walls of life-sciences companies.

PV1115_GaryMcWaltersTGaS Insights, a division of TGaS Advisors, has launched TGaS Insights Reports, a new service designed to give life-sciences commercial leaders fact-based support for managing the forces shaping this fiercely competitive sector. Each TGaS Insights Report provides essential data and analysis to help pharmaceutical leaders understand the changing landscape and make decisions with greater confidence. TGaS Insights Reports leverages the benchmarking and advisory services firm’s deep proprietary databases to give readers insights and actionable recommendations derived from live discussions and peer research. Reports may be accessed in one of two formats: a Landscape Report that can be downloaded or a PowerPoint executive presentation with accompanying voice-over by a TGaS expert.

The presentations and reports provide an outside perspective designed to help pharmaceutical leaders make better, faster decisions despite a rapidly changing industry landscape.

“TGaS Insights Reports enables pharmaceutical leaders immediate access to the deep data and insight available from TGaS Advisors,” says TGaS President Gary McWalters.

ICON and IBM Team up to Address Trial Feasibility and Patient Recruitment

PV1115_TonyRomitoICON, a global provider of drug development solutions and services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, is working with IBM to help reduce the time and costs of drug development, while also offering patients enhanced quality of care by connecting them to relevant clinical trials.

Initially, ICON is applying Watson Clinical Trial Matching to its breast, lung, colon, and rectal cancer trials. The solution enables ICON to advise sponsors how many patients match their trial criteria, where they are located, and how they will recruit them.

ICON’s Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Steve Cutler, says: “Recruiting the required number of patients for clinical trials is a constant challenge for our customers and can represent more than 30% of total study costs. By applying IBM Watson to our clinical trials, we have the potential to revolutionize clinical trial feasibility, patient recruitment, and study start-up timelines, which will help our customers take significant time and cost from their development programs.”

Accenture Helps Life-Sciences Companies Improve Patient Support

Accenture has launched the Accenture Intelligent Patient Platform, a suite of integrated cloud-based, analytics-driven technologies designed to deliver real-time, actionable insights on patient care across the entire patient experience.  The platform helps life-sciences companies provide patients with comprehensive, outcome-driven patient services such as program enrollment, adherence management, and treatment education over the full course of treatment for an illness or disease.

“The Accenture Intelligent Patient Platform is playing an important role helping life-sciences companies deploy their patient engagement strategies and facilitate better patient interactions and outcomes,” says Tony Romito, managing director, Accenture Life Sciences. “Now companies can have real-time insight into the full patient journey and work across the healthcare system to effect meaningful change in support of the patient.”  (PV)

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