The Art and Science of Oncolytic Commercialization in 2021 and Beyond

Sponsored by: 1798, a Fingerpaint Company

Brad Bailey, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Genmab US, Inc.
Chris Mancill, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Value Access & Policy, MorphoSys US Inc.
Bonnie Morgan, Vice President, 1798, LLC

Thursday - January 14, 2021 / 1:00 PM ET
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To maximize brand value, pharma executives need to take strategic and consistent action by building and maintaining product portfolios that present real value to patients, providers, and payers. In turn, focused leadership enables clear and consistent messaging that highlights the distinctive added value for each stakeholder type. From the start, these brand strategies should be built and executed by cross-functional teams fueled by clear stakeholder and market insights. This webinar will focus on key imperatives to achieve these aims while developing a commercial organization.

The focus panel will discuss:
• Designing a high-impact commercial team
• Leveraging the patient journey to assess key stakeholders for commercial success
• Engaging major stakeholders effectively and early
• Determining and proving the true value of a therapeutic
• Analyzing and measuring success

Key takeaways from this event:
• How to prepare and execute a launch to ensure excellence
• How to create organization for effective patient access in order to maximize growth potential
• How to determine the most important oncology stakeholders, who will require a focused message and matching organizational design

Who should attend:
• Marketing
• Market Access
• Commercial Analytics
• Finance

About the Sponsors

1798 is a strategic biotech consulting firm providing integrated, full-service marketing. We offer commercialization and market access support to deliver impactful solutions that optimize patient access and elevate value proposition. For over a decade, 1798 has managed highly successful drug launches and helped strengthen the market share of world-class life sciences companies’ mature brands.

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