snapIoT Announces AI-Powered Automated IRB Packaging and UAT Reporting for Patient Engagement Solutions


June 29, 2020

SAN DIEGO, CA / June 29, 2020  snapIoT Inc., a San Diego-based company, announces Automated AI-powered IRB Packaging and UAT Reporting feature to assemble all patient-facing visual assets and expedite the submission process for IRB and ethics approvals. Traditionally, this time-consuming process of IRB and ethics packaging is prone to human error and performed manually at the end of app development stages.

snapClinical™’s AI-powered Automated Documentation Engine creates key patient facing documentation assets for IRB Package setup and submission as well as UAT Reporting. With one single click, an AI-powered automation engine will: execute the app, go through all screens and generate screenshots, traverse all protocol flows and gather forms data information and auto-generate the needed materials within a single report. Annotations can be documented and exported to various file formats for further editing and processing. Pharma and CRO companies now have a faster, more efficient, and reliable method to help launch digitally enabled clinical trials.

“We have worked very closely with an early stage User Group comprised of many of the Top 10 Pharmaceutical and CRO companies as well as several IRB and Ethics SME’s to rapidly deploy this modern feature. Our Automated AI-powered IRB Packaging and UAT Reporting feature achieves the objectives of a better streamlined process to reduce time, costs and human error,” said Isaac Eteminan, CEO of snapIoT.

About snapIoT

snapIoT, a San Diego-based company, is a market leader in decentralized mClinical trial innovation.  Their mClinical platform, snapClinical™, provides unlimited capabilities in developing and deploying patient-centric engagement solutions such as eConsent, eCOA, Telemedicine, and various other patient engagement solutions to support de-centralized trials. snapClinical functions as both a SaaS/PaaS model to allow users to build self-service solutions on Android, iOS, and HTML5 via intuitive drag-and-drop platform, or as a full turnkey service. For more information, visit and follow snapIoT on LinkedIn.


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