Resilia Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Appoints ImpactBio As Commercial Partner for Dermatology Product Line

Wendy Wolf, President, ImpactBio

February 15, 2021

Sunrise, FL: February 15, 2021>> ImpactBio Life Science Solutions announced today that they have been appointed as the Commercial Partner to Resilia Pharmaceuticals, Inc. As their trusted partner, ImpactBio will provide and manage a group of experienced Virtual Sales Representatives promoting Resilia’s newly announced Dermatology product line.

In this effort, ImpactBio professionals will utilize the Synergistix Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software tool. Synergistics is the leading provider of CRM software and other services for Life Sciences companies.

ImpactBio is an experienced provider of Virtual Sales Representatives, Field Sales Teams, and other Outsourced Solutions and Recruitment Services to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Medical Device industries. Their collective team experience spans hundreds of product and company launches across numerous therapeutic areas.

“We look forward to incorporating ImpactBio’s pharmaceutical sales skills into our overall marketing operations, stated Mike Leone, Resilia’s Chief Operating Officer. “The track record of ImpactBio’s Pharmaceutical Virtual Sales Teams and their proven ability to meet the requirements of start-up companies like ours make them an ideal partner.”

ImpactBio President and Founder, Wendy Wolf, responded that “The ImpactBio team is excited to launch the Virtual Sales Team in partnership with Resilia Pharmaceuticals. We are honored to become the voice of Resilia Pharmaceuticals, connecting with Dermatology Healthcare Providers and promoting Resilia’s brands.”

More About ImpactBio, Inc.

The ImpactBio team is a trusted partner to our clients because we consistently deliver on our commitments. When we say we can flex with your needs… we do. Our team understands that flexibility is the key for our clients to be successful in the ever-changing healthcare market. ImpactBio supports their Clients with cost-efficient and tailored solutions with Recruitment Services, Operations Support, and Outsourced Solutions. For additional information about ImpactBio please go to

More About Resilia Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Resilia Pharmaceuticals’ product line consists of Ecoza® (econazole nitrate) topical foam, 1%; Recedo® topical gel; the Neosalus® line including cream, foam, and lotion formulations; and Neocera®, a version of Neosalus formulated with ceramides, all of which are currently marketed in the US. To learn more about Resilia Pharmaceuticals and its products, please go to


Wendy Wolf, President & Founder ImpactBio, Inc.

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