Understanding Rare Diseases and Orphan Drug Marketing (White Paper)

While #Covid19 has impacted populations across the globe, it may have had an even greater effect on patients suffering from #rarediseases. The #pandemic has disrupted #orphandrugresearch, causing trial delays, site closures, and even program cancellations. On a positive note, by stimulating expanded acceptance and use of telehealth technologies, the Covid-19 pandemic may have rendered manufacturers’ #remoteengagement teams an even more valuable tool for communicating with prescribers, #patients, and caregivers. @AmplityHealth dives into the details of the Rare Disease and Orphan Drug marketplace in their newest whitepaper: https://bit.ly/3nwZYBP

Questions? Good. The process of crafting the right orphan drug communications mix begins by asking questions. Amplity is ready to help address your questions with a message-delivery lineup including members from one or more of several types of specialized teams, including clinical teams, field sales teams, and remote engagement support teams. Contact Amplity here: https://www.amplity.com/contact-us/