Real Chemistry Think Tank: Looking Ahead to 2022 and Beyond – Predictions for the Health Care Industry

Sponsored by: Real Chemistry
Dr. Ujwal Pyati, PhD, Practice Lead of Scientific Strategy, Real Chemistry
Dr. Geeta Nayyar, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Salesforce
Taren Grom, Editor-in-Chief, PharmaVOICE (Moderator)

Join Real Chemistry and PharmaVOICE in a 30-minute interactive session, as we look at the upcoming trends in the health care industry. Join industry experts to discuss the most pressing challenges in this new virtual world, and some of the experts’ predictions looking into next year in the biopharma/health innovation space.


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Real Chemistry is a global health innovation company with an alchemic mix of people, clients and partners working from bench to bedside, making the world a healthier place. Real Chemistry believes that the way to real, transformative change is through the uncommon combination of talents, disciplines and technologies.

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