365 Days | 360 Degrees - How to Remotely Measure Longitudinal Health Data for Better Outcomes

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SISCAPA and Crucial Data Solutions

Melanie Anderson, Principal Scientist, Merck Dr. Leigh Anderson, CEO and Founder, SISCAPA Assay Technologies Dr. Morty Razavi, VP - Strategy and Business Development, SISCAPA Assay Technologies Jeff Rogers, President, Crucial Data Solutions Taren Grom, Co-Founder and Editor, PharmaVOICE (Moderator)

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Under the current clinical trials model, most health events unfold between medical encounters, leaving them undetected due to infrequent diagnostic measurements and testing. By uniting mobile and wearable technologies with daily blood samples, it’s now possible to facilitate real-world, continuous patient data collection resulting in 100% remote, longitudinal tracking of key protein biomarkers in blood. This virtual panel explores the industry’s latest biological and technological innovations and how they can be applied to achieve truly decentralized trials.

Join experts Morty Razavi, VP Strategy and Business Development of SISCAPA Assay Technologies, Leigh Anderson, Founder and CEO of SISCAPA Assay Technologies, Melanie Anderson, Principal Scientist, Merck, and Jeff Rogers, President of Crucial Data Solutions for their compelling conversation – and stay for a live demonstration of the blood sampling and data collection via mobile app.

Key takeaways from this event include:

  • How this approach to real-world, continuous data collection applies to decentralized and hybrid trials
  • How to overcome the challenge of infrequent site/clinic visits with the technology available to us today
  • How to incorporate the remote collection of daily dried blood samples and health metrics from smartwatches in clinical trials
  • Why contextual data is so important when it comes to predicting health outcomes
  • A glimpse at applications of longitudinal data collection in establishing personal baselines augmented with user-collected mobile health data streams, such as blood glucose monitors and CPAP machines

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SISCAPA Assay Technologies, Inc. (SAT) provides products and services for precise quantitation of protein biomarkers, drugs and drug targets using immuno-affinity mass spectrometry. SISCAPA assays are used in clinical diagnostics and pharma R&D for particularly demanding applications, and in biomarker panels to characterize changes in health, disease and treatment in longitudinal user-collected dried blood microsamples. For more information please visit www.siscapa.com. Founded in 2010, Crucial Data Solutions (CDS) provides the most innovative and affordable data collection and study management technology on the market today. TrialKit, CDS’ cloud-based platform available via a web interface and downloadable native mobile app, enables end-to-end clinical trial management for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies of all sizes. For more information please visit www.crucialdatasolutions.com.

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