How IQVIA used real-time analytics to generate custom ads that drew thousands of diverse and highly engaged patients to a global vaccine trial #1

If you want to accelerate recruiting, go directly to the source: patients.

It is a lesson the industry has always known, but recruiting patients during the pandemic underscored just how important an effective direct-to-patient recruiting strategy can be when timelines are critical.

Rather than waiting for patients to learn about a trial from their physicians, direct-to-patient recruiting uses ads, articles and social media to engage patients directly and provide a path to participation that can begin as soon as they click on a link.

During the pandemic, when pharma companies were under immense pressure to recruit thousands of patients to COVID-19 vaccine and treatment trials, IQVIA demonstrated how seamlessly combing ads with real-time analytics made it possible to attract the right patients quickly and to manage and monitor diversity through the entire recruiting funnel.

The result was some of the fastest and most diverse trial recruiting in recent history.

IQVIA partnered with several large pharma companies to support development of COVID-19 vaccines and treatments; projects that were depending on the ability to rapidly attract, vet and engage patients across key demographics. Along with speed, recruits had to meet strict diversity requirements set by the government agencies that were funding the trials and the sponsors that were committed to representing the communities of color that have been hit the hardest by the virus.

Learn how IQVIA helped one sponsor speed a COVID-19 vaccine to market in part by recruiting 40,000 trial patients in eight weeks.

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