Industry Panel - Trends, Challenges, and Solutions for Product, Market, and Competitor Intelligence

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Peter Grimm, President, Cipher Eric Yarns, Director, Competitive Intelligence Emerging Markets, Digital & Knowledge Systems, Pfizer Reed Loughrey, Vice President, Business Insights Strategy, Syneos Health -

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Why do so many intelligence and research practices struggle? Join a panel of insights and intelligence professionals from leading Life Sciences companies as they discuss developing trends, current challenges, and their intel solutions.

Key takeaways:

  • Intelligence projects executives will fund
  • Steps to reduce duplicate research
  • Managing third party CI vendors
  • The role of your intelligence in a post COVID market

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At Cipher, our mission is to help M/CI professionals and business leaders improve the speed and quality of their strategic decision making process, thereby improving their competitive edge. We do this through competitive intelligence software, predictive market research, and strategic consulting services that position our customers to gain and maintain their competitive advantage.

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