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Transformation of Clinical Trial Design and Operations: Interviews with Science 37, Medable and Takeda

Posted By: Dan Limbach
November 9, 2020

Recently, Brittany Erana, MPM, Vice President of PPD® Digital; and Niklas Morton, MSc, Senior Vice President of PPD® Digital, spoke with leaders of Science 37, Medable, and Takeda in an online forum about how the industry is shifting to focus on decentralized trials. They then took questions from attendees regarding their experiences and best practices with decentralized studies.

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This interview covered the following topics:

  • How to plan, design, and implement a digital trial
  • The benefits of a decentralized strategy over a traditional model
  • The future of decentralized trials
  • Which stakeholders need to be considered in a decentralized trial design
  • How to balance the risk associated with the COVID-19 pandemic versus taking on a new, decentralized trial model
  • The use of decentralized trials to increase patient diversity in clinical trials
  • The new role of investigator sites as digital and decentralized sites gain momentum
  • And more!

See the interviews

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