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New electronic and web-based applications, sites, and technologies

Physicians Interactive Unveils Zero-Click eCoupon Solution

Trend: As more healthcare practitioners (HCPs) employ electronic prescription systems, they are looking for ways to build cost savings and adherence incentives into the workflow.

Physicians Interactive (PI) has introduced eCoupon, an automated voucher and coupon distribution solution that provides patients with cost savings on prescriptions once a medication has been prescribed by healthcare practitioners (HCPs).

PI and Allscripts have an agreement that enables the delivery of eCoupons in an integrated fashion with Allscripts’ stand-alone ePrescribe software.

Donato Tramuto, CEO and vice chairman of PI, notes that eCoupon fits directly into an existing workflow to give practitioners more efficient ways to select and distribute medication coupons and vouchers during the prescription process, helping to reduce patient costs at the pharmacy and potentially improve overall compliance.

“As health systems strive to achieve meaningful use and adopt EHRs (electronic health records), there will be increased importance on the exchange of clinical information between healthcare providers and their patients,” Mr. Tramuto says. “eCouponing is an example of a tool that can empower patients to take a more active role in their care and ultimately strengthen the physician-patient relationship.”

Enabling access to vouchers and coupons within a prescriber’s workflow can help drive costs down and improve first-fill medication adherence, creating an opportunity for higher medication adherence rates in the future.

On the supplier side, eCoupon consistently generates transactional reports and data to ensure that life-sciences companies are able to gain insights on their target audience and stay up to date on their current eCoupon campaigns.

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Elsevier Launches Life-Sciences Product Literature Database ­Solution

Elsevier’s structured Product Literature Database (PLD) solution for professionals in the life sciences is a further development of the Quosa literature management solution acquired by Elsevier in January 2012 and enables a higher level of scalability, automation, and usability. Elsevier has tailored and upgraded Quosa’s solution to serve the specific needs of life-sciences professionals, such as pharmacovigilance and medical affairs personnel in pharma, biotech, and medical device companies. New functionalities include outbound email alert settings; enhanced scalability to support the import of hundreds or thousands of alerts from a range of external sources; automated tagging of search results; enhanced search interface, including configurable faceted browsing of search results; and saved searches, both personal and public, made available as permanently available, up-to-date views of the PLD content.

“Our new PLD solution both complements our current content sources such as Embase and extends our services to better support the workflows of end users in, for example, medical affairs and pharmacovigilance groups,” explains Michael Rai, general manager of Quosa at Elsevier. “We are actively engaging in end-user discussions to help define how we can take the Quosa key product components and develop superior workflow solutions for improved postmarket surveillance.”

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In other technology news…

Cegedim Strategic Data (CSD) and IntrinsiQ have partnered in the launch of an integrated solution for monitoring promotional activity and its impact on oncology drug utilization in the U.S. market.

The database provides promotional spending combined with actual drug usage data across a significant sample of U.S. oncologists, allowing pharmaceutical marketers to use real-world treatment data in conjunction with a coordinated set of marketing data. The coordinated data sets provide a solution that overcomes many of the challenges that customers face when manually combining data from multiple vendors.

CSD’s panel of oncologists provides detailed information on all promotional interactions with pharmaceutical companies, including face-to-face and online detailing, meetings, advertising, and other promotional spending. IntrinsiQ’s IntelliView provides real-time, longitudinal, U.S.-based oncology treatment information sourced from the company’s IntelliDose chemotherapy treatment management solution.

Both data sets provide projected U.S. national-level metrics that allow the crossing of treatment information by spending and share of voice, while spending information is available at the channel and subspecialty levels.

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iClin-Engager from Total Therapeutic Management (TTM) is a virtual, interactive, peer-to-peer academic detailing program aimed at helping healthcare organizations find ways to engage providers in the use of more outcomes-focused data.

Physicians, nurses, and pharmacists can use iClin-Engager to disseminate clinical information to healthcare providers in an interactive virtual environment via a live, Web-based application. Clinical and quality information can be customized based on specific conditions among a clinician’s patient population, such as diabetes or heart disease.

“Providers who have gone through the program are enthusiastic about the presentations and have noted that they will begin integrating the provider tools and patient tools into their practice to improve patient outcomes,” says TTM CEO Ed Perez, Pharm.D.

“Virtual academic detailing through iClin-Engager provides a solution that meets the needs of clinicians in virtually every setting, especially those in rural markets where more than 25% of Americans receive their healthcare,” notes Barry Patel, Pharm.D., president of TTM.

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Primeum-Cegedim SAS is a company formed through a joint venture between Cegedim Relationship Management and Primeum to globally deploy the Primeum salesforce incentive and compensation solution through the Cegedim cloud infrastructure.

Primeum’s offering, Incentive Manager, spans the spectrum of variable pay from scheme design to implementation and effectiveness evaluation. It features a scientific-based approach to building employee motivation through sales-based incentives.

“Cegedim Relationship Management’s global infrastructure enables us to expand our targets; we can now better connect with firms around the world that aim to deploy a cost-effective and motivational incentive management solution,” says Yvon Prévot, a founding partner of Primeum and CEO of Primeum-Cegedim SAS.

“The combination of our skills will provide unique benefits to the life-sciences industry,” adds Laurent Labrune, CEO of Cegedim Relationship Management.

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360 Version 4.0, a customer master data management solution, from Cegedim Relationship Management is available in software as a service (SaaS) and licensed models. The latest version integrates Nucleus360 with the OneKey Research Center validation service, ensuring that a client’s customer data is always up to date. Other enhancements include international compatibility for clients who need to implement on global, regional, or local customer master databases; historical data tracking and viewing through an enhanced portal; and new configuration-driven write and search Web services.

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GlobalSubmit has released GLOBALSUBMIT CLOUD, a Web-delivered solution of its GlobalSubmit electronic common technical document (eCTD) suite. The new offering provides secure Web-based access to GlobalSubmit’s functionality, reducing the need for internal IT management and lowering risk with faster ­implementations and outsourced expertise.

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OmniComm Systems has made available TRIALMASTER VERSION 4.1.2, its flagship product for electronic data capture (EDC). The latest version of TrialMaster includes a dynamic monitoring feature that allows organizations conducting clinical trials to ­significantly reduce their monitoring costs, while showing compliance with the FDA’s new draft guidance on risk-based monitoring. Other enhancements include improvements to the management of laboratory reference ranges, an upgrade to LogiXML version 10 for ad-hoc reporting, the ability to control security at the item level, and a new capability to attach images and other types of files to electronic case report forms.

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Simcyp, now part of Certara, has launched Version 12 of its POPULATION-BASED ­SIMULATOR, a platform for the quantitative prediction of drug-drug interactions and pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic outcomes in both healthy subjects and diverse patient populations. Version 12 includes a mechanistic kidney model, expanded drug distribution models, and enhancements and additions to its extensive compound libraries and pediatric module, as well as the incorporation of physiologically based pharmacokinetic models for therapeutic proteins.

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Source Healthcare Analytics, a Symphony Health Solutions company, has unveiled PROMETIS 2.0. The latest version of Source Healthcare’s integrated solutions platform provides clients insight through the convergence of prescriber, patient, and payer market views.

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