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Podcasts Value of a Credential in the Medical ­Publications Profession Thought Leader: Stacy Simpson Logan, CMPP Board of Trustees, and Waterfall Consulting What is Creativity? Thought Leader: Anthony Rotolo, True Health + Wellness New Challenges for Global Clinical Trials: Managing Supply Logistics in an Expanding Clinical Trial Universe Thought Leader: Rognvald Lamb, Fisher Clinical Services Developing Robust Potency Assays for ­Validation: A Case Study Thought Leader: Peter Wunderli, Ph.D., PPD White papers Telehealth Solutions Enhance Health ­Outcomes and Reduce Healthcare Costs Provided by: Tunstall Americas Speaking Up for Speaker Programs Provided by: Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide New Challenges for Global Clinical Trials: Managing Supply Logistics in an Expanding Clinical Trial Universe Provided by: Fisher Clinical Services A Case Study: Development and Qualification of Potency Assay Methods to Support Early Phase ­R­­elease and Stability Testing of a ­Biotherapeutic Formulated with a ­Bioresorbable Carrier Provided by: PPD Weblinx Prevention of Persistent Atrial Fibrillation — The Next Frontier in Pharmacotherapy Sponsored by: avertAF Spending on Drugs Falls For the first time in more than 20 years, there was a ­decrease in 2012 U.S. spending on traditional ­prescription drugs, according to new data by ­Express Scripts. Among the country’s commercially ­insured population, total spending on ­traditional prescription drugs fell 1.5% in 2012. This decline was offset by an 18.4% increase in spending on ­specialty medications to treat more complex ­diseases such as ­rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, and hepatitis C. Combined, total drug spend was +2.7%, consistent with 2011. { For more information, visit express-scripts.com. Women’s Initiative Aims to Connect Women Across the Country The PGA Tour and Astellas Pharma US have formed a three-year agreement in which Astellas will support and drive the PGA Tour’s new Women’s Initiative. The Women’s Initiative is designed to inform women about important health and wellness issues, encourage ­discussion on those topics, and create opportunities to talk and learn about them. Key components of the Astellas Women’s Initiative will include an expansion of the PGA Tour’s current Women’s Day program that invites female business leaders from the community to attend a day-long forum focusing on professional, health-related, and personal development discussions; and an Astellas Pavilion, an onsite experience and meeting place for tournament participants to engage and learn about wellness issues. An Astellas Presents Executive Women’s Day event, which is a component of the PGA Tour’s Women’s Initiative, is a forum ­focused on professional, health-related, and personal development. Study: Drug Regulations Hiking Rx Prices As drug coverage increases as a result of expanded health insurance and Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act, unnecessary regulations will ­increase prescription drug costs, according to a new study from the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA). Some of the practices and regulations that could impact prescription drug prices include: » Some state laws restrict the ability of drug plans to develop limited pharmacy networks that lower drug prices through bargaining with ­specific drug dispensers, instead requiring that any pharmacy can fill enrollees’ prescriptions. The FTC says this raises drug prices and premiums to consumers by reducing drug plans’ bargaining power. » While some drug plans incentivize use of mail-order pharmacies through lower ­copayments or refill limits, some states are ­enacting laws that restrict drug plans from ­offering lower prices for mail-order prescriptions to benefit local community pharmacies. { For more information, visit ncpa.org. JBK Associates Celebrates 10 Years The executive talent solutions firm JBK Associates celebrates its 10th anniversary, having helped many of the nation’s top pharma and life-sciences firms fulfill their needs for senior leadership and their vision for diversity and ­inclusion. Founded in 2003 as an executive search firm with a specialty in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries, JBK has expanded to include a full range of executive ­talent management services supported by two complementary lines of business: SummitSearch US, which serves the staffing needs of ­organizations seeking middle-management ­talent, and CareerCentral, which helps companies and ­individuals maximize talent through ­leadership and organizational development ­offerings. Milestones…

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