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New electronic and web-based applications, sites, and technologies


Veeva Launches Communications Channel

Trending Now: New Web-based channel enables life-sciences companies to interact with healthcare professionals online anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Veeva Systems has introduced Veeva CRM Engage, a cloud-based application that enables life-sciences organizations to interact with healthcare professionals (HCPs) over the Web and through mobile devices. Engage adds the online channel to Veeva’s Commercial Suite, which also supports face-to-face, phone, and email customer interactions, for unified multichannel communications. With Engage, life-sciences companies can extend the face-to-face visit by facilitating a two-way dialogue online with relevant, interactive content and personalized services such as click-to-chat and schedule a visit.

This system enables online interactions to work in unison with all other channels. It also captures all Web activities in Veeva CRM for further analysis, so companies can continuously adapt digital content to accommodate physician preferences. Engage also increases overall multichannel efficiency by allowing organizations to reuse the same content across multiple channels.

“With Veeva CRM Engage, the Web channel no longer needs to be a disconnected silo,” says Paul Shawah, VP of commercial strategy for Veeva. “Veeva’s customers can now easily add new channels as an integrated part of their promotional mix without any business disruption, helping create a differentiated customer experience, faster.”

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N-of-One Launches App for Sequencing Data

N-of-One has launched Variant Interpreter, a cloud-based app that allows oncologists and researchers to access relevant biological and clinical knowledge and insights related to the mutation profile of a tumor identified by targeted sequencing. The initial release covers 30 cancer-associated genes. Future releases will include additional genes.

“N-of-One unleashes the power of next generation sequencing for oncologists, pathologists, and researchers by providing the latest published clinical and scientific knowledge associated with NGS data from each tumor,” says Chris Cournoyer, CEO of N-of-One.

Using this app, oncologists, pathologists, and researchers can quickly request a molecular interpretation of a variant or multiple variants in a tumor using convenient drop-down menus in a familiar app format, and rapidly receive a customized interpretative roadmap linking the variant data to scientific knowledge.

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PHT Launches New App of FDA Roadmap

Presented by PHT, the new FDA Roadmap App is the first mobile app designed to help sponsors navigate the Roadmap to Patient-Focused Outcome Measurement in Clinical Trials released by the FDA in conjunction with its Clinical Outcome Assessment Qualification Program.

PHT’s new mobile app optimizes the roadmap for Android phones and tablets.

The purpose of the roadmap is to help trial sponsors improve clinical research that collects patient data through understanding the disease or condition, conceptualizing the treatment benefit resulting in identification of the targeted context of use and concept of interest for future clinical trial measurement.

PHT VP of Marketing and Product Management Sheila Rocchio says, “Clinical trials are including more patient reported outcomes since the publication of the FDA Patient Reported Outcome Guidance in 2009.”

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Accelrys has released Accelrys Notebook 5.0. New capabilities allow for customizing work environments and connecting to existing laboratory software without complex integration and advanced programming support. The new release eases the transition to the digital lab, enhancing the way researchers capture, share, and reuse experimental information, ultimately helping organizations move innovative new products to market more quickly.

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Symphony Health Solutions has introduced PHAST 2.0, the next generation of its Pharmaceutical Audit Suite (PHAST) online market analytics product. PHAST 2.0 includes new workflow tools, content, and metrics, including a patient demographics module, an entirely new category of data. Users no longer have to export data to create custom reports replete with graphs and charts. Using a new interface, they have access to visualization tools that allow them to view and present data in a variety of actionable formats, all from within PHAST.

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