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New Electronic and Web-based Applications, Sites, and Technologies Featured Briefs: QuantiaMD Launches Digital Marketing Strategies Solution E-UPGRADES AND ENHANCEMENTS Oracle Launches Mobile Clinical Research Associate AG Mednet Announces Cloud Storage Solution Tools of the Trade Denise Myshko Trending Now: As a result of shrinking sales forces and restrictions on access to care facilities, pharmaceutical companies are struggling to engage physicians in quality face-to-face product discussions. QuantiaMD, a social learning and collaboration platform for physicians, has launched ServiceLink, a fully mobile, cloud-based communication suite for the pharmaceutical industry. This product uses social technologies to allow pharmaceutical companies to build and manage relationships with physicians in a way that is convenient and effective for both parties. Among other features, the suite provides a single access point for physicians to digitally connect with pharma reps within a trusted, independent clinical community. A recent QuantiaMD study conducted with Capgemini Consulting found that 77% of physicians want to receive product information via an independent medical channel. To address this market need and support other brand promotional efforts, QuantiaMD has launched ServiceLink, a more efficient and cost-effective way to bridge access gaps and expand physician-to-rep connectivity. “ServiceLink is an example of how we’re applying social technologies to solve real efficiency challenges in healthcare, as confirmed by the early adoption by our clients,” says Mike Coyne, CEO of QuantiaMD. { For more information, visit Oracle Launches Mobile Clinical Research Associate Oracle Health Sciences has introduced Oracle Health Sciences Mobile Clinical Research Associate, which uses the power of mobile applications to help life-sciences organizations compress clinical study cycle times and reduce costs by improving site monitoring efficiency and clinical research associate (CRA) productivity. The mobile app is integrated with Oracle’s Siebel Clinical Trial Management System and Oracle Health Sciences Clinical Development Analytics to provide CRAs with real-time access to essential trial information, decision support data, and trip reports in either offline or connected modes. “With the increased pressure to reduce the time and cost of clinical trials, organizations need to optimize efficiency at every level,” says Neil de Crescenzo, senior VP and general manager, Oracle Health Sciences. “Unfortunately, despite the labor-intensive and critical role CRAs perform, most are still using traditional and antiquated tools.” { For more information, visit AG Mednet Announces Cloud Storage Solution To support the need for storage and streamlined access to data during and after a clinical trial, AG Mednet has introduced AG Mednet Storage. This is a complement to AG Mednet’s quality enhancement products including AG Mednet Submission Quality & Compliance, an automated quality assurance software built specifically to detect errors at the investigator site prior to data submission in order to reduce queries and accelerate clinical trial decision-making. “The ability to easily store and access image data in a Part 11 compliant, on-demand manner gives sponsors, CROs, and AROs the flexibility to expand current offerings and increase revenue opportunities with no capital expense,” says Abraham Gutman, president and CEO of AG Mednet. “When used with AG Mednet’s quality enhancement offerings, organizations no longer need to accept trade-offs when it comes to managing, storing and accessing clinical trial imaging data.” { For more information, visit ArisGlobal has extended its e-clinical platform, agSupply, with a cloud-based supply chain ­management solution. Leveraging agSupply, study coordinators and investigators have full control of their company’s patient randomization and clinical supply activity down to the patient level. ArisGlobal’s agSupply is part of a fully unified platform that ­provides integration with agCapture (EDC) and agOutcomes (ePRO) solutions. { For more information, visit ePharmaSolutions has released its integrated clinical trial portal (CTP) and electronic trial master file (eTMF) ­designed specifically for CROs. The upgrade allows CROs and sponsors to self-configure a study ­workspace and eTMF in less than 10 minutes through the product called One Click Configuration. Study teams can quickly set up a study by selecting the phase, indication, countries, and a set of ­predetermined templates and the One Click ­Configuration wizard configures all of the applications selected for that study including modules to support the following clinical trial management tasks. { For more information, visit Model N’s latest release of Field ImpACT, a cloud-based analytics solution that creates a shared ­understanding of sales performance and competitive threats for pharma sales executives and field reps. This is the first Model N solution with native mobile ­capability and is specifically targeted for use on the iPad. The mobile component to this solution now ­allows for faster ramp up of reps’ field responsiveness with easier access to the same robust insights once only accessed on a laptop or desktop. { For more information, visit

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