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TGaS Launches Partnering Tool

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New tool allows companies to assess feedback from their stakeholders to understand their position as critical business partners. Tools of the Trade TGaS Advisors, a division of KnowledgePoint360, has launched Organization Alignment 3600, a partnering assessment tool designed for pharmaceutical companies’ commercial operations teams. This new offering defines specific and practical actions to help commercial operations achieve and maintain “indispensable business partner” status with their internal stakeholders. Organization Alignment 360o gathers feedback from not only stakeholders, but commercial operations teams. This bi-directional assessment gives commercial operations and stakeholders the opportunity to rate each other on a series of key behaviors that are consistent with effective partnering and alignment. Using this information, TGaS provides clients with insights into their partnering strengths, weaknesses, areas of misalignment, and opportunities for improvement. “Powerful partnering behaviors are essential for alignment success,” says Anna McClafferty, Senior VP at TGaS Advisors. “They are the secret ingredient behind having shared goals and getting resources, processes, and deliverables right. Organization Alignment 360o shows our clients what is working and what is not, and what specific actions they can take to achieve their strategic partnering and alignment goals.” Veeva Launches Compliance Email Solution Veeva Systems has introduced a regulatory compliant email solution for life-sciences companies. The new email solution has the potential to increase the productivity of life-sciences sales teams by enabling users to email approved content to customers directly from iRep and Veeva CRM. This solution could enable regulatory compliant email communication between sales reps and healthcare practitioners. The pharmaceutical industry can now increase the number and quality of rep-to-customer interactions, reach more low-access and no-see healthcare practitioners, and deliver more relevant drug information to customers. { For more information, visit In other technology news… Remedy Health Media has expanded its 28-year partnership with the University of California, Berkeley, to launch, an expert-reviewed online health resource providing wellness information to consumers. focuses on wellness news and information, including fitness, self-care, and nutrition. The site features interactive multiple-page experiences that drive high-value engagement, including quizzes and assessments, slide shows, email alerts, and social media feeds, as well as roundtables and video chats with UC Berkeley’s experts. { For more information, visit BBK Worldwide has expanded its suite of products that streamline retention efforts at the site level. Among these products are the Ready. Set. Go. Card (RSGSM Card), Ready. Set. Go. Ride (RSGSM Ride), and Ready. Set. Go. Minder (RSGSM ­Minder). The RSG Card is a global ­reimbursement solution for clinical study ­participants. RSG Ride offers a way to schedule and manage patient transportation. RSG ­Minder is a customized mobile platform that supports study participants and assists them in managing their study obligation. { For more information, visit StayinFront has released new versions of EdgeRx and TouchRx. The new software release features significant enhancements to closed loop marketing (CLM) offerings ­including support for a wider range of media types to enhance the dialogue company ­representatives have with healthcare ­professionals. Additionally, more sophisticated data capture of these interactions can be ­analyzed using StayinFront Analytics, which ­allows near-real-time feedback about the ­messaging being delivered and response from healthcare professionals. { For more information, visit

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