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Randstad Searches for Inspiration Randstad, a staffing company, has launched the 2nd Annual Inspiring Experts video contest, which gives students a chance to win a $10,000 ­scholarship and professionals a chance to win $5,000 cash and $5,000 to give to their favorite charity. Videos should share your story about how you’re preparing for a future job through school, why you love your major or how you got involved in engineering, finance and accounting, human ­resources, healthcare, pharma/life sciences or IT ­industries. There’s also a $5,000 cash prize for the candidate who submits the most creative video in any major or field. { For more information, visit inspiringexperts.com. A New Era for the Industry The pharmaceutical industry is on the cusp of a golden era of renewed productivity and prosperity but its success is not guaranteed, according to PwC’s new 2020 report. One of the major hurdles the pharma industry faces is the rising healthcare bill. The demand for medicines is rising and global ­pharmaceutical sales could increase by almost 40% to roughly $1.6 trillion by 2020. The industry’s need to rebalance expenditures and invest more in the early part of the R&D process to improve ­productivity that will deliver returns on R&D ­investment. Despite significant external changes in the market, the culture within the pharmaceutical ­industry has changed little over the past few decades, and may be more deeply entrenched in ­reacting to emerging threats, PwC’s research found. { For more information, visit pwc.com/pharma2020. GlaxoSmithKline Launches New Program to Recycle Inhalers GlaxoSmithKline has introduced a new program to help consumers recycle their empty GSK ­respiratory inhalers and keep waste out of landfills. The Complete the Cycle Recycle Program for GSK Respiratory Inhalers is being offered to community-based retail pharmacies in 31 U.S. markets to make available to their customers. Currently, ­inhalers may not be recycled by curb-side ­recyclers, and therefore likely go to landfills. “GSK piloted the program earlier in five ­markets and collected almost 2,700 inhalers,” says Jorge Bartolome, senior VP of GSK’s ­respiratory business area. “By expanding to 31 U.S. markets, we hope to recycle more than 100,000 empty GSK inhalers.” { For more information, visit gskcompletethecycle.com. The Growing Cost of Aging Prescription-drug treatment regimens for ­conditions that are a normal part of aging are now costing the nation more than many serious and potentially life-threatening diseases, according to new research from Express Scripts. The study finds that in 2011 spending on medications for aging conditions — such as mental alertness, sexual ­dysfunction, menopause, aging skin and hair loss — ranked third in annual prescription-drug costs of the commercially insured, surpassed only by the cost of treating diabetes and high cholesterol. ­Increased use of these drugs was more ­pronounced for the Medicare population (age 65+), up 32% from 2007 to 2011. { For more information, visit express-scripts.com. Clinical Research Advantage Wins Stevie Award Kim Kundert received the 2012 Silver Stevie Award for Female ­Executive of the Year in the Business Services category. Ms. Kundert was honored for her achievements as VP of clinical operations for Clinical Research Advantage, an ­integrated ­network of clinical trial sites. Connexion Healthcare Wins APEX Award PCX, a full-service scientific publication planning and medical education ­company, is the recipient of a 2012 Apex Award of Excellence in publishing. PCX was acknowledged for its work in the development and design of ­Givensight, a quarterly electronic newsletter that it produces on behalf of Given Imaging. ERT Named Life-Sciences Company of the Year ERT has been named the Life-Sciences Company of the Year by the ­Pittsburgh Technology ­Council’s Tech 50 Awards ­Program. ERT was recognized for its commitment to ­delivering practical, efficient, and flexible electronic clinical outcome assessment solutions. This honor reinforces our belief in the importance of keeping clinical ­research focused on the patient, which is our top priority, says Dr. Jeffrey Litwin, CEO of ERT. Klick Health brings home ­Technology Innovation Award Klick Health has won a SuperNova Award in the category of ­technology optimization and innovation. ­Constellation ­Research, a ­research and ­advisory firm, ­honored Klick and President and CEO Leerom Segal for spearheading the ­development of a ­revolutionary (continued on next page) (continued from box on previous page) ­management tool called Genome, a custom intranet with a suite of tools aimed at managing time, budgets, and people. McCann Takes Home Clio Awards McCann Health has won a Gold and four Bronze awards at the Clio Healthcare Awards. McCann Torre Lazur London won a Gold for its ­Erbitux film, and two Bronze ­statues, one for Cancer Screening and the other for Mundipharma. McCann ­HumanCare NY won a Bronze for Tradjenta, and McCann Health Sydney won a Bronze for ­innovative ­development and use of its ­corporate ­business card. Ogilvy CommonHealth Wins Rx Club Awards Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide won a Silver award in the visual/sales/detail aid ­category at the Rx Club Awards. The ­detail aid was ­created as part of an OTC ­allergy campaign. The ­network also took home 12 Awards of Excellence in a ­variety of ­categories, including four entries from the group’s office in Brazil and one for the ­network’s 2011 Global Holiday E-card. Leeza Gibbon’s and her family share highs, lows, and­ i­­nsights about caring for her mother with Alzheimer’s disease in a new video series. Novartis Offers Real-World Peer Advice on AlzheimersDisease.com Novartis Pharmaceuticals and Alzheimer’s caregiving advocate and Emmy-winning TV personality Leeza Gibbons have rallied the caregiving community to share their personal, real-world advice and are now empowering other caregivers to learn from each other on alzheimersdisease.com. A new video series, Conversations in Caregiving, now available on the site features a profound discussion ­between Ms. Gibbons and her extended family. Their caregiving story is told through generational points of view and helps fulfill a promise Ms. Gibbons made to her mother to help ease the emotional, physical, and spiritual burden that so many caregivers experience. { For more information, visit novartis.com. Pharma Responds to Hurricane Sandy » Abbott and its foundation, the Abbott Fund, are providing $1 million in funding and product ­donations to support relief efforts in response to Hurricane Sandy. The Abbott Fund grants will be provided to long-standing relief organization ­partners, including the American Red Cross, ­AmeriCares, Direct Relief International, and World Vets. Abbott product donations have been made to Direct Relief International and Feeding America. » Bristol-Myers Squibb donated $100,000 to the Red Cross and $50,000 to Gov. Christie’s Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund. The Bristol-Myers Squibb ­Foundation is matching dollar-for-dollar ­employee donations to the American Red Cross and other IRS-qualified 501c3 nonprofits to ­support Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in all affected communities. » Daiichi Sankyo gave $25,000 to the American Red Cross, and will match employee donations to any charity employees want to support. » In conjunction with Eisai Co. Ltd., the Eisai USA Foundation, the charitable arm of Eisai Inc., has made a donation of $100,000 to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund as well as a $50,000 donation to the American Red Cross. » GlaxoSmithKline has donated $250,000 to the American National Red Cross. The company also is contributing $80,000 through the British Red Cross for relief efforts in the wider Caribbean region — specifically Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, and the ­Dominican Republic — where Sandy initially made landfall. GSK is also matching dollar-for-dollar all ­employee contributions to the Red Cross and other relief organizations in the U.S. » Lilly Foundation is donating $200,000 to the Red Cross. Additionally, the foundation is contributing a $1 match for every dollar donated by Lilly employees to the American Red Cross or ­Salvation Army. » The Pfizer Foundation, which donated $1 million, is assisting Sandy victims in getting access to ­medication, through the Pfizer Connection to Care program. » Sanofi, through its Sanofi Foundation for North America, is contributing $500,000 in cash, for disaster relief efforts to help assist the victims of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey. The funds will be distributed to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund, the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, and the ­Children’s Health Fund for both immediate and long-term needs.

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