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QualityHealth Develops Opt-In Program to Recruit Patients
Trending Now: Clinical Trial Connection deepens patient recruitment insight and improves reach and conversion.

QualityHealth has expanded its clinical trial recruitment services to include an advanced opt-in program, the QualityHealth Clinical Trial Connection. This new program offers health consumers the opportunity to educate themselves about the benefits of enrolling in clinical trials and to identify relevant trials for their areas of interest. The company has optimized the Clinical Trial Connection user experience so that visitors to the site feel well-informed and respected. The main benefit for companies conducting trials is that QualityHealth has developed a rigorous algorithm that will provide the right kind of identifying factors to prequalify users in high volumes. This increases the likelihood of randomizing these health consumers.

Visitors to the site who have an interest in clinical trials and inquire about diabetes, for instance, are directed to a page explaining in detail the nature and benefits of clinical trials and offered an opportunity to see the trials being conducted for diabetes. They can indicate their willingness to participate and go through the trial-specific screening process to see if they qualify. They also get a short tutorial on what to expect in the study.

QualityHealth has metrics that show how much faith consumers place in its health information. In fact, 47% of QualityHealth visits generated a doctor’s office visit within the 30-day period following site exposure, and 56% drove a new prescription in the 30-day period.

“With our patient identification and activation systems, we are able to profile patients according to condition and geography, gauge their interest in participating in a trial, screen for clinical trial inclusion and exclusion criteria, and channel the qualified patients through to the closest research site,” says Rob Rebak, QualityHealth’s chairman and CEO.
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Symphony Health Launches Managed Markets Analytics Tool

Symphony Health Solutions has introduced PHAST Managed Markets, the first new audit in its next-generation PHAST 2.0 online market analytics solution. PHAST Managed Markets provides insights into the payer dynamics that impact brand performance.

Business development teams, financial analysts, and others can now understand the volume of claims that are approved or rejected by payer entities, or reversed at the pharmacy by a patient. With access to all therapeutic classes and products, PHAST Managed Markets addresses commonly asked business questions, including reasons for rejection of claims and average co-pay or patient paid dollars. The market data can be analyzed by patient age, gender, or payer eligibility, including Medicare, and can be viewed by state or census district up to national level geography.

“We developed PHAST Managed Markets in response to the market need for more comprehensive analysis of payer and patient dynamics,” says Don Otterbein, senior VP, product management and marketing. “PHAST Managed Markets provides a complementary solution to our PHAST Prescription Audit, enabling our clients to gain a deeper understanding of influence of managed markets on their business.”
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CROnos Clinical Consulting Launches E-learning Platform CROnos Clinical Consulting is launching an e-learning and mobile platform that will enable pharma sponsors to most effectively and efficiently transmit clinical knowledge to sites and study teams.

“We are confident that our new e-learning platform will provide our clients with a solution for their current training needs,” says Guillermo Di Clemente, president and founder. “They have shown strong interest in incorporating this type of solution,” he says.
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Accelrys has released the latest versions of Accelrys Insight and Accelrys Insight for Excel. The new release of Accelrys Insight for Excel enhances scientific data analysis with important new capabilities including the ability to run database searches directly from the familiar Microsoft Excel spreadsheet environment. The new release of the Web-based Accelrys Insight life-science, discovery, and innovation support environment speeds decisions by simplifying access to complex hierarchical data and implementing data-rich tooltips for scatterplots.
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Physicians Interactive is launching iPhone and Android versions of its Omnio application. Both versions include an introductory offer of a free three-month trial version of The Merck Manual for Healthcare Professionals within the app. More than 100,000 clinicians have already downloaded the iPad version of Omnio since its introduction in late 2012.
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Simulations Plus has released version 7.0 of ADMET Predictor molecular property prediction software. This version includes an upgrade to the prediction of ionization constants that, in turn, affects other property predictions when molecules are ionizable. This version provides a new level of accuracy and expands the number of predicted properties to 145. Additionally, the new version has the ability to run on Linux platforms as well as Windows.
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