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New Electronic and Web-based Applications, Sites, and Technologies

Deloitte Launches Real-World Evidence Platform

Trending Now: Data analytics can provide insights and relationships among drugs and diseases across broad patient populations over time.

Deloitte has released PopulationMiner, a real-world, data-analytics solution for gleaning insights and relationships among drugs and diseases across broad patient populations over time and spanning multiple therapeutic and clinical areas.

The solution draws upon Intermountain Healthcare’s vast repository of clinical, financial, and operational data stored in a warehouse that supports patient-outcome analysis. The solution may allow for the identification of biomarkers using laboratory test results and rapid hypothesis generation and validation across a range of business functions including drug development, drug safety, pharmacoepidemiology, and health economics and outcomes research.

PopulationMiner also can produce hypotheses across complex, co-morbid patient populations and a pathway for conducting follow-on research with the same populations. Users also can specify cohorts based on granular criteria and then export these definitions to OutcomesMiner, where the criteria and methods can be further customized in generating reports.

“With the shift toward value-based, personalized care, it’s key for life-sciences decision makers to have deep insights into complex, real-world populations,” says Brett Davis, principal, Deloitte Consulting and general manager of Deloitte Health Informatics. “PopulationMiner enables a better understanding of health and disease by supporting population stratification and advanced analytics based on disease type, stage, and comorbid combinations.”

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Cegedim Launches Healthcare Professional Network

Cegedim Relationship Management is launching the Docnet portal in the United States in the first quarter of 2014.

Docnet, already available in four European markets, is a new online healthcare provider (HCP) community that offers a wide variety of high-value services and peer-to-peer networking through a secure application portal.

The U.S. launch of Docnet will adhere to the standards defined by Cegedim’s new partner, SAFE-BioPharma, enabling NIST Level 2 authentication.

Opportunities for life-sciences manufacturers to target and engage HCPs will include pre-disclosure spend reporting, samples, and co-pay assistance, surveys, private discussion forums, and digital marketing programs.

“I am very excited for the launch of Docnet in the U.S.,” says Angela Miccoli, president of North America for Cegedim Relationship Management. “The community will offer a unique, value-based intersection of services and engagement for both HCPs and life-sciences manufacturers.”

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ICON Launches System to Analyze Safety Data

ICON has launched ICONIK Patient Safety, a system that offers a systematic way to monitor safety trends in accumulating data, spot potential safety issues, and take appropriate corrective and preventive action while the study is ongoing.

Data can be queried dynamically at any level of detail (single patient, single site, across an entire study or entire compound), helping sponsors make informed, data-driven decisions regarding patient treatment and safety, study direction, and regulatory reporting.

“Patient well-being is paramount in any clinical trial,” says Dr. Peter Schueler, senior VP, medical and safety services, ICON Clinical Research. “ICONIK Patient Safety allows real-time review of integrated patient safety data, thereby improving our ability to identify and monitor unexpected adverse events.

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eClinicalHealth Launches Cloud Platform for Patient Engagement

eClinicalHealth has launched Clinpal, a new patient-centric platform designed to engage patients digitally in clinical research more efficiently.

Clinpal is a cloud-based software-as-a-service platform that works across all leading mobile and desktop operating systems and technologies, a feature that will allow it to support traditional clinical trials and remote virtual clinical trial models.

The system provides access to patient-friendly study materials and electronic informed consent and helps patients with study procedures by using reminders and context-sensitive instructions.

“By putting patient engagement at the heart of clinical development, we facilitate and accelerate study success,” says Douglas Bain, eClinicalHealth’s CEO and co-founder. “It’s our goal to give every clinical trial participant access to a dedicated online resource, regardless of the size and type of the trial.”

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Aptiv Solutions has integrated Verification by Statistical Sampling into AptivInSite to improve data quality and more reliably deliver on the cost- savings achievable through risk-based monitoring. AptivInSite is an umbrella methodology underpinning the company’s approach to risk-based quality management for drug, device, and diagnostic trials. The new approach embeds advanced statistical sampling to more efficiently manage the on-site monitoring process.

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InfinityQS International has made available ProFicient 5.1, the latest version of its manufacturing intelligence platform. Powered by a Statistical Process Control (SPC) software analytical engine, ProFicient 5.1 offers manufacturers across various industries the ability to heighten visibility across the enterprise with overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) dashboards within the Web-based manufacturing intelligence portal, ProFicient InSight.

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PharmaVigilant has released an updated version of I-Vault3. The update includes new Cube technology, a multidimensional solution that allows for every document, image, and video to be digitally stored in I-Vault3 with the highest security, access, and control in the industry. I-Vault3 Cubes are integrated into the I-Vault3 system and act as repositories that allow for the efficient collection and dissemination of disparate documents with a drag and drop system, which creates both an audit trail, and an automatic backup, while maintaining the highest levels of security.

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Thomson Reuters has added clinical trial intelligence to the Cortellissuite, creating a platform for drug researchers and developers to assess and integrate content from multiple sources, so they can confidently make time-sensitive, drug-related decisions. Cortellis Clinical Trials Intelligence ­enables users to access and search information on more than 140,000 U.S. and global trials for ­biologics, diagnostics, biomarkers, medical devices, and drugs targeting rare diseases.

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Wolters Kluwer Health and QuadraMed have expanded their partnership agreement to further leverage the Health Language terminology management solutions. Enhanced integration of Health Language applications into the QuadraMed Computerized-Patient Record (QCPR) continues to build upon the clinical value and usability of the enterprise EHR solution for QuadraMed users.

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