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Tools of the Trade New Electronic and Web-based Applications, Sites, and Technologies

Featured Briefs: PharmaKinnex Launches Physician Engagement Tool ZS Associates Releases Business Intelligence Tool Accelrys Launches Cloud for ­Discovery Partnerships TrialNetworks Launches Directory for Trial Contact Management Sidebar: Updates Trending Now: New program combines traditional teledetailing with high-tech edetailing. PharmaKinnex, a provider of pharmaceutical multichannel marketing programs, has launched LIVE Rep, a proprietary physician engagement program. Live interactive virtually enhanced (LIVE) Rep is a Web-based platform that connects physicians to a call-center and/or field-based pharmaceutical sales representative. The interaction is conducted via a secure digital platform. Physicians engage in a one-on-one product discussion focused on the pharmaceutical client’s unique branded materials. “LIVE Rep combines the best features of traditional pharmaceutical teledetailing and edetailing,” says Michael White, founder and CEO of PharmaKinnex. “Physicians are spending an average of 10 minutes on LIVE Rep engagements and our post call surveys reveal a high level of satisfaction. The surveys also show that physicians retain a medication’s key efficacy and safety messages for a longer period of time compared with other message deliver vehicles.” Like pharmaceutical teledetailing and edetailing programs, LIVE Rep can be used to support vacant territories and white spaces, or improve message frequency to important physicians. Other features of the Live Rep platform include post-call marketing and customer satisfaction surveys, opt-in forms, and real-time online dashboards for instant feedback to pharmaceutical marketers. { For more information, visit ZS Associates Releases Business Intelligence Tool ZS Associates has launched ARTiS Standard Edition, a pre-configured business intelligence (BI) solution. This cloud-based offering draws on the success of ARTiS, a BI solution introduced in 2009. ARTiS Standard Edition makes the BI platform more accessible for smaller to mid-sized companies and faster to implement for larger companies in the life-sciences industry. ARTiS generates reports and alerts that identify critical data and actionable insights. The new solution enables companies to capture a 360-degree, customer-centric view of their customers. Insights into historical and current customer behavior can help users better anticipate future needs and take steps to drive better engagement. “Providing sales reps with access to the right information at the right time is a critical competitive advantage in an increasingly customer-centric industry,” says ZS Principal Jeff Gold, leader of the firm’s business intelligence practice. Mahmood Majeed, ZS principal and leader of the firm’s mobility practice, says mobile devices have become a critical part of the sales process. “Companies are eager for better ways to enable sales through mobility to increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of their salesforces,” he says. { For more information, visit Accelrys Launches Cloud for ­ Discovery Partnerships Accelrys has launched ScienceCloud, a new SaaS-based information management and collaboration workspace that advances collaborative drug discovery with a new generation of integrated applications built on a scalable, cloud-based scientific platform. ScienceCloud supports enforcement of sponsor business rules on results posted by network partners and provides project-centered IP storage in a secure information warehouse. The workspace also empowers the virtual workforce with new mobile applications and tools. “Today, about 30% of R&D spend is allocated beyond company boundaries and up to 50% of discovery work is done through partner alliances,” Dr. Matt Hahn, senior VP and chief technology officer at Accelrys. { For more information, visit TrialNetworks Launches Directory for Trial Contact Management TrialNetworks has launched Directory, an app within its cloud-based Clinical Trial Optimization System. Directory is a trial contact management solution that can improve the efficiency of collaboration between sponsors, vendors, CROs, and sites. The Directory app — enhanced with the self-service SMART feature, which allows site staff and CRAs to request account activation, deactivation, and modification — is a secure and permissions-based centralized master database. “Efficient contact management may not be the most high-profile success factor for a clinical trial, but it is among the most important,” says TrialNetworks Co-Founder and CEO Eric Silberstein. { For more information, visit MedNet Solutions has released the latest version of iMedNet EDC. This version provides a flexible, intuitive, and affordable cloud-based eClinical platform for sponsors and CROs. The new release includes a new query management tool that provides streamlined access to all queries, query histories, data field changes, and approval histories from within the case report form (CRF) record. { For more information, visit

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