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Reading List What are they reading? The PharmaVOICE 100 are constant learners and are tapping into new and ­ time-tested books on a variety subjects, of particular note business and leadership topics. We’ve included a selection of what’s hot on their reading list. The Lean Start Up is on the readling lists of Andrew Burns, Dr. Daniel Kraft, and R.J. Lewis. Dr. Robin Winter-Sperry I am an avid reader both of business and leisure books. I enjoy reading things that are outside of my normal frame of reference to help expand my creativity and understanding of other ­cultures and ways of thinking. It also gives me new approaches to challenges and ideas. More than 10% are reading “Lean In” Calvin Butts Dr. Joanne Kamens Mike Kelly Dr. Jessica Lea Mauricha Marcussen Andrea McGonigle Kim Ramko Fatima Scipione Abbe Steel Kathy Jo Usher Matthew West

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