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What’s New New healthcare-related products, services, and companies New Healthcare-related Products, Services, and Companies Featured Briefs: inVentiv Forging a New Era in Healthcare Communications Ogilvy CommonHealth Rebrands Two Service Groups AbbVie Revealed The American ­Association of Nurse Practitioners Launches PCORI Announces Funding for First Comparative Effectiveness Research Projects NeRRe Therapeutics Created to Develop Neurokinin Antagonists Trending Now: Agency consolidations lead to concentrated offerings to address changing market conditions. Palio and Ignite Health, both inVentiv Health agencies, have joined together to operate as palio+ignite. By leveraging the strengths of each legacy agency, company executives say Palio+Ignite provides clients with a heightened level of synergy through ideas and innovation. “Healthcare is at a crossroads in the United States,” says Mike Myers, president of Palio+Ignite. “We find ourselves perfectly poised at these many intersections where health and care can be positively impacted by our efforts. As a healthcare communications agency, we represent much more than the combining of capabilities. Palio+Ignite represents the future of how consumers will engage with brands, and it is our role to help our clients connect with and engage their audiences across the platforms in which they live, work and play.” According to Guy Mastrion, chief global creative officer at Palio+Ignite, it’s at these critical intersections that the agency can help clients make meaningful connections with those who need their brands to deliver care. Rounding out the leadership triumerate is Fabio Gratton, Palio+Ignite’s chief alchemist, who says, “When we are able to fully appreciate and understand the multiple dimensions of a consumer’s psyche — the social characteristics, psychological profiles, as well as their emotional intelligence — we will be able to zoom in on those key moments of truth, when specific needs emerge within specific contexts, that take place within a person’s everyday life.” With 200 employees, three offices in Irvine, Calif., New York and Saratoga Springs, N.Y., and expertise in every aspect of healthcare communication, Palio+Ignite is able to offer clients a breadth of solutions that span the landscape from managed markets to mobile strategies, and reach audiences as diverse as patients and payers. In other inVentiv company news, GSW Worldwide and Blue Diesel are also combining offerings to deliver complete customer-centric brand experiences to meet evolving market needs. The combined agency becomes one of the largest healthcare-focused communications companies, with more than 600 employees in six locations, serving 50 clients and 90 brands around the world. Joe Daley, president of GSW Worldwide, will serve as the leader of the newly formed organization that will be called GSW, fueled by Blue Diesel. “We took a critical step by bringing our two agencies together to change the way healthcare brands connect with people,” Mr. Daley says. “We have 30 years of shared history together, and now we have a shared commitment: helping more people choose healthier lives by creating brand experiences people will use, remember, share, and stay with. Simply put, we believe in building experiences that drive better outcomes.” The core offerings of the new agency will span the complete range of professional and consumer advertising and promotion, brand identity and development, relationship marketing, digital/interactive services, media planning and buying, market research and analytics, managed care marketing and strategic planning.

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