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GSW Launches Multi-Channel Detailing Platform

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eDetailing allows for increased flexibility and access to physicians in a changing salesforce landscape.

GSW, an inVentiv Health company and healthcare communications agency, has released iQ.mercury 3, a significant advance in pharmaceutical detailing that is optimized both for Apple and Windows tablets. iQ.mercury 3 is a sales-effectiveness and detailing tool that allows pharmaceutical representatives to deliver presentations across multiple communication channels, all from their iPad or Windows 8 compatible tablet.

The solution is designed to extend the reach of sales and marketing messages by allowing sales reps to engage healthcare professionals (HCPs) with interactive marketing content in person, remotely via the Internet, or online through self-guided online software components known as modules. Brand teams can develop multimedia presentations that can be used across multiple channels to communicate with physicians, making sales reps more productive and flexible in a fast-changing pharmaceutical marketplace.

“Sales representatives today have greater responsibility, carrying multiple brands and covering larger territories,” says Joe Daley, president of GSW. “These changes are making it difficult for them to reach a large number of physicians on a daily basis iQ.mercury 3 helps answer the need for greater efficiency and flexible tools.”

Sales reps today must be ready to engage with physicians who are more digitally savvy and seek information on their own terms. They must be ready to respond to requests for information where and when the doctor prefers. iQ.mercury 3 gives pharmaceutical sales reps and brand managers a single platform to deliver engaging information and meet the physicians wherever they are.
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Quintiles Launches Trial Monitoring System

Quintiles has launched Data-driven Trial Execution, which leverages the concept of risk-based monitoring to improve clinical trial delivery. While the industry’s current approach to risk-based monitoring focuses solely on clinical trial monitoring, Data-driven Trial Execution combines study start-up, project management, clinical monitoring, data management, and analytics to optimize trial conduct while meeting regulatory demands and quality requirements for good clinical practice (GCP).

The solution is powered by enhancements to Quintiles Infosario platform, adding advanced analytics that provide biopharmaceutical customers with a real-time view of a study’s status and progression for enhanced transparency and collaboration across stakeholder groups.

“Our customers are seeking to manage clinical trials with greater efficiency, seamless execution, and predictive insights that enable them to respond faster and make better-informed decisions,” says Paula Brown Stafford, president of clinical development at Quintiles. “Data-driven Trial Execution is the first in a series of standardized offerings that Quintiles plans to bring to market and is our answer to optimized trial execution.”
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(Editor’s Note: For more information about risk-based monitoring, see the January issue of PharmaVOICE.)

QPharma Provides New Product Launch Solution QPharma has introduced its QLaunch service, a comprehensive solution for pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech companies preparing for a new product launch.

Throughout the QLaunch process, QPharma’s expert consultants work closely with clients to plan and support the implementation of each critical phase in the pre-launch process, launch activities, and post-launch continuum.

Services include recruiting, training, and managing sales teams; engaging clinical key opinion leaders; ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations; establishing programs for the management and distribution of samples; and designing and launching appropriate marketing campaigns.

“While no one can guarantee that a product will be a blockbuster, by applying the QLaunch methodology, life-sciences companies are guaranteed to follow the regulatory and commercial steps necessary for a successful product launch,” says Peter Shaw, M.D., chief medical officer at QPharma.
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IMS Health Launches Mobile Prescribing Solution

IMS Health has launched AppScript, an mHealth app prescribing solution designed to help healthcare providers and health plans create proprietary formularies based on an objective assessment of healthcare app functionality and value. IMS Health also launched AppNucleus, its customizable, cloud-based hosting platform that will enable developers to build secure, industry-compliant healthcare apps at very low cost. Both new products will leverage IMS Health’s data on diseases, treatments, costs, and outcomes.

The AppScript software-as-a-service solution classifies and evaluates more than 40,000 mobile healthcare apps currently available for download on iOS and Android platforms, categorized by stage of the patient journey. Each app is assessed using the company’s proprietary IMS Health AppScore, which ranks apps based on functionality, peer and patient reviews, certifications, and their potential to improve outcomes and lower the cost of care.
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Crossix Introduces Marketing Analytics System

Crossix Solutions’ latest analytics innovation, Crossix POC Impact, enables marketers to go beyond prescriber data and capture patient impact for a true representation of campaign effectiveness.

“Crossix’s patient-centric campaign analytics are a valuable addition to the measurement tool-kit at the point-of-care,” says Dan Stone, co-chair of the Point of Care Communication Council (PoC3) and CEO of AccentHealth, America’s largest point-of-care TV network. “With the Crossix methodology, a campaign’s impact can be measured versus other POC tactics and relative to other direct-to-consumer channels.”

Crossix POC Impact is part of the company’s suite of privacy-safe campaign analytics and optimization solutions, and uses a consistent methodology that enables comparisons across tactics and channels within the broader DTC marketing mix. POC Impact has quickly gained traction throughout the industry, as more than a dozen marketing agencies and pharmaceutical companies have captured revealing campaign analytics with the new solution.

Crossix also provides and has published POC campaign benchmarks, enabling marketers to compare their campaigns’ performance against market norms. “POC campaigns have the power to influence patient conversion and adherence, which makes accurate measurement crucial,” says Asaf Evenhaim, CEO and co-founder of Crossix. “Our patient-centered solution is a breakthrough in marketing analytics, and for the first time empowers POC marketers and brand managers to accurately determine ROI, by capturing critical data missed by other methods that estimate impact based on physician prescribing behavior alone.”
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BBK has introduced Study eBinder 3.0, the latest generation of its clinical trial ­management tool. The release of this product builds upon the success of earlier models by offering a dramatically more customized and tailored tablet experience for on-the-go study teams. Using BBK’s TrialCentralNet patient ­recruitment portal, Study eBinder 3.0 ensures compliance by providing more than 300 real-time reports and an instant ­messaging ­system for sponsors to connect ­directly with physician investigators and site staff.
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Model N has updated its global price ­management offering for life-sciences ­manufacturers. Model N Global Price Management is an enterprise-grade SaaS solution that helps pharmaceutical and ­biopharma companies that sell into multiple countries maximize pharmaceutical prices and reduce margin erosion. The latest version ­provides users with an updated launch tracker feature for capturing and ­tracking launch- related dates, price level mapping to keep track of price levels across all countries, and new settings for deeper levels of approvers and more customized data visibility.
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