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INDUSTRY at Large Lilly’s Global Day of Service Supports Indy DO Day Initiative Counterfeit Medicines: The New Face of Organized Crime Veeva Goes IPO In Memoriam Kathleen Drennan Awards… Genentech Researcher Receives Albert Lasker Award PhRMA Honors Vaccines Pioneers Wolters Kluwer wins Awards Podcasts Unlocking the Power of ­Strategic ­Workforce Planning Thought Leader: Mark Lanfear, Kelly ­Services Creating Great Multichannel ­Experiences Thought Leader: Peter Lammers, Veeva ­Systems White papers Benchmarks and Bellwethers: How ­Market ­Research Can Provide the ­Prescription for Launch Success Provided by: Encuity Transforming Clinical Trials: The Ability to Aggregate and Visualize Data Efficiently to Make Impactful Decisions Provided by: eClinical Solutions Factoring the “What Ifs” Into Supply ­Forecasting: Why Building a Durable Supply Chain Around a Protocol is ­Critical Provided by: Fisher Clinical Services Made to Measure: CFOs on ­­­Finance- and ­Procurement-Process Improvement Provided by: Genpact Overcoming Obstacles to ­Transformation in the Finance ­Function Provided by: Genpact Six Keys to Effective Global Sales ­Training ­Design Provided by: Pharmaceutical Institute How Site Engagement Improves ­Patient ­Recruitment Using a Clinical Trial ­Optimization System Provided by: TrialNetworks Embracing the Sunshine Act: An ­Opportunity for Customer Centricity Provided by: Veeva Systems UpFront Genentech Researcher Receives Albert Lasker Award Genentech’s Richard Scheller, Ph.D., ­executive VP, research and early ­development, is a winner of the 2013 Albert Lasker Basic Medical ­Research Award, given annually to a scientist whose ­fundamental investigations have provided techniques, ­information, or concepts ­contributing to the elimination of major causes of disability and death. Dr. Scheller shares this year’s award with Thomas Südhof, professor of molecular and cellular physiology at Stanford University, for their discoveries concerning rapid ­neurotransmitter release, a process that ­underlies all of the brain’s activities. PhRMA Honors Vaccines Pioneers The Pharmaceutical Research and ­Manufacturers of America’s (PhRMA) 2013 Research & Hope Awards, which honor ­outstanding achievements in vaccines ­research and immunization, recognize the GlaxoSmithKline Malaria Vaccine Team, led by Dr. Sophie Biernaux, for its ongoing ­development of a vaccine against malaria targeted to children in Sub-Saharan Africa. Drs. Douglas Lowy and John Schiller, both from the National Cancer Institute, won the 2013 PhRMA Research & Hope Award for Academic or Public Research for the ­discovery of the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine. Wolters Kluwer wins Awards Wolters Kluwer Health has won 15 awards at the 2013 British Medical Association (BMA) Medical Book and Patient ­Information Awards. The company and the imprints it represents were honored with five major prizes ­including four first-place ­category awards and the BMA ­Illustrated Book Award for best ­Illustrative text. In addition, the company received 10 Highly Commended awards for its Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW) medical texts. Lilly employees are harvesting vegetables at an eight-acre local organic farm. The vegetables are then distributed to local food banks and pantries throughout the Indianapolis area. Lilly’s Global Day of Service Supports Indy DO Day Initiative Eli Lilly and Co.’s sixth Global Day of Service looked a little different this year. Lilly employees joined ­thousands of other volunteers from local ­community and civic-based organizations in a citywide initiative known as Indy DO Day. Lilly’s 8,000 Indianapolis volunteers worked on 70 projects that blend into Indy DO Day, a broader ­community effort that encourages all Indianapolis residents, businesses, nonprofits and faith-based ­organizations to find projects that have a positive ­impact on the city. As part of Indy DO Day, Lilly ­volunteers worked on the second phase of ­Reconnecting to Our Waterways initiative. This year, Lilly employees were asked to identify and help coordinate projects that benefit organizations for which they are personally passionate. More than 20 organizations, ­including the Girl Scouts of America and The Julian ­Center, will benefit. In addition, Lilly employees are working with partners from Elanco, a division of Lilly, on 26 projects that will help address hunger in Indiana. Counterfeit Medicines: The New Face of Organized Crime Organized crime, transnational criminal networks, and white-collar opportunists — these are some of forms of criminal activities taken by counterfeit ­medicine traffickers as noted in a report published by the Institute of Research Against Counterfeit ­Medicines (IRACM). This first international study ­provides a detailed typology of criminal activities ­involved in this traffic in the last few years. While Europol estimates there are 3,600 criminal groups in Europe , the study reviews several ­examples of transnational structures of medium size (about 10 people) ranging from international organized crime, opportunistic businessmen, and white-­collar criminals who choose Europe as ­their headquarters. The report also reveals the existence of networks on an unprecedented scale with a very complex transnational dimension. For example, the analysis finds a Jordano-Chinese network of more than 150 ­individuals whose illegal activities have occurred in the context of the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 and still persist today. Another type of counterfeiter is involved in distribution activities and online promotion. These ­activities often take advantage of health crises, such as avian­ ­influenza H1N1. Veeva Goes IPO Veeva Systems, a provider of industry cloud sof­tware solutions for life sciences, announced the pricing of its initial public offering of 13,045,000 shares of its Class A common stock to the public at $20.00 per share. A total of 9,720,000 shares are being offered by Veeva, and a total of 3,325,000 shares are being offered by certain selling ­stockholders. The shares began trading on the New York Stock Exchange Oct. 16, 2013, under the ­symbol VEEV. “As we rang the opening bell at the NYSE amidst all of the excitement, we couldn’t help but think that we have an even bigger reason to celebrate — that is, the success of our customers,” says Matt ­Wallach, president and co-founder of Veeva ­Systems. “We are inspired and driven by solving important business challenges for companies that span the global life-sciences industry, ranging from emerging biotechs just entering the clinical ­development lifecycle through to multinational ­organizations such as Pfizer, Merck, Novartis, and Lilly. Veeva remains laser-focused on building ­industry cloud solutions that address life-sciences companies’ biggest business challenges.” In Memoriam Kathleen Drennan Kathleen Drennan, ­president and CEO of ­TrialAdvance, died in ­October 2013. Over the past 40 years, Ms. Drennan built a career in medical ­research specializing in women and children. She served on many boards, built a clinical research ­center in Chicago, and had been involved with ­thousands of clinical ­trials advancing medical research. Ms. Drennan founded TrialAdvance specifically to tackle an enormous deficiency in the clinical trial process — the performance of clinical trials at the site level — through engagement-training and ­development of “super sites.” Her goal was to ­create a strong focus on patient awareness, ­recruitment, and enrollment of diverse and ­minority ­populations. She was editor-in-chief at Contemporary ­Clinical ­Trials, an Elsevier publication, and before founding TrialAdvance, she was ­managing ­director at Iris Global ­Clinical Trial ­Solutions, an agency ­specializing in clinical trial ­communications and ­patient recruitment ­strategy and tactics grounded in metrics methodology. She also founded the Chicago ­Center for Clinical ­Research (CCCR), one of the first for-profit sites in the U.S. for Rush-­Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center in Chicago. A frequent contributor to PharmaVOICE, Ms. Drennan was named to the PharmaVOICE 100 in 2008 for her inspiring contributions to the ­industry.

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