Save Time, Money and Eliminate Redundancy with InvestigatorSpace, Enterprise Investigator Portal

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Dave Young, CEO, Trifecta Clinical

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Save Time, Money and Eliminate Redundancy with InvestigatorSpace, Enterprise Investigator Portal

For nearly a decade, Trifecta has been on the forefront of innovation in Investigator portals. The company perfected a host of solutions that make Investigator training and related site start-up processes not only quicker, but easier and less expensive. “Years ago, our time was spent convincing companies of the benefits of online training. Today, companies understand the value and our focus is in driving innovation and offering services that complement the entire study lifecycle,” said Dave Young, CEO of Trifecta. The adoption of Investigator portal technology by Sponsors and CROs has grown at a steady pace over the past decade. But that adoption rate has exploded over the past two years as people realize these solutions not only reduce training costs, but ensure compliance and make the oversight and implementation of clinical trials faster and simpler. Evidence of the interest in solutions that Trifecta has pioneered is seen in the emergence of industry consortiums and the application of standards for Investigator portal functionality. In 2013, the Asia Training Consortium (ATC) implemented a portal solution using Trifecta technology to train the clinical research community. The ATC consists of Sponsors, CROs, academia and third party companies. TransCelerate BioPharma, a consortium of pharmaceutical sponsors, has identified Investigator portals as one of their top five initiatives. Additionally, the promotion and use of standards in Investigator portals is increasing. Trifecta has formed a strategic partnership with SAFE-BioPharma, a non-profit organization that promotes standards-based authentication and digital signatures. The use of SAFE-BioPharma authentication improves security and allows site staff to use a single username and password to access multiple systems. It also facilitates data exchange between Sponsors, CROs and consortiums who have adopted the SAFE Trust Framework with 100% accuracy. Next Generation Portal Goes ­Beyond Training Trifecta began training research sites online in 2004. Drawing on eight years of experience and two years of actively interviewing Sites and Sponsors, Trifecta released their next generation portal InvestigatorSpace. InvestigatorSpace provides support for key functions throughout the lifecycle of a study. This includes site qualification, document exchange, training, safety event distribution, and other key functions. This evolution in capabilities provides administrators with data and metrics on site performance, and centralizes training records. Sponsors and CROs now choose site start-up, training, compliance and communication features that suit organizational needs. Workflows Identify Your Critical Tasks InvestigatorSpace creates flexible workflow processes between required study functions. Users are routed sequentially to the activity most critical for them to complete. This provides a fully integrated solution for critical site start-up activities, saving time for Sites, Sponsors and CROs while centralizing and preserving communications and information for the enterprise. » Compliance and Certification Directory (CCD). Reducing time and costs, the CCD serves to exempt site personnel from taking training they’ve already completed. This cross-study tracking system eliminates redundant training for site staff. It allows Investigators to submit training documentation which is automatically routed for review and approval. Site staff can receive credit for training courses that are mutually recognized across Sponsors or at trade associations, whether the course was taken live or online. » Site Qualification System. Provides Investigators with a no-cost, secure repository to enter site qualification data. The creation of their profile will eliminate the need to reproduce the information for every sponsor request. This will allow sponsors to focus on study specific questionnaires for more in-depth site evaluation. » SiteReady. This fully automated workflow system for the distribution, tracking and collection of study start-up documents significantly reduces start-up timelines. The easy-to-use solution simplifies this cumbersome process for sites, sponsors and CROs. Dave Young, CEO, Trifecta Clinical Trifecta produces more than 350 live, on-demand, and web-based investigator meetings each year in over 87 countries. Trifecta is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Asia Training Consortium. { For more information, visit or email

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