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TMF Management: Beyond the Technology
Paragon Brings 360-View to Electronic Master File Management

Paragon has developed a new holistic approach to TMF allowing for perpetual inspection readiness: metaTMF. PV0415_FrameworkThis method defines the content and data required for continual inspection readiness, aligned to the people, processes, and tools required to achieve deep maturity in TMF compliance, efficiency, and effectiveness.
metaTMF focuses on complete TMF management and governance, the full TMF lifecycle, and the needs and actions of all stakeholders — trial subjects, PIs, site personnel, IRBs, inspectors, sponsors, and vendors.

While advancing the future of paperless clinical trials, it also broadens the discussion beyond the technology to include the people, process, architecture, and governance that make effective change possible. Many sponsors and CROs implement an eTMF using the standard DIA TMF Reference Model and are faced with challenges when it’s time for full-scale adoption, which dilutes their ability to have an inspection-ready TMF or reach efficiencies.

Health authorities expect the TMF to clearly and accurately tell the trial story. Achieving higher maturity levels in trial processes enables a life-science organization to run trials more efficiently and with effective evidence.

Predicting Physician Behavior
Closerlook Predictive Analytics Identifies High-Potential Adopters

PV0415_TargetClarityThe pharmaceutical industry is experiencing an unprecedented increase in data, and digital marketers are looking for more effective ways to gain insight about their customers.

Marketers who can predict what a healthcare professional will do in the future are better equipped to effect change than those focusing on the past.

Closerlook’s Target Clarity offers insight into the capacity of individual HCPs to prescribe a particular product — whether they have reached their full prescribing potential or have room to grow.

This kind of predictive insight also helps marketers communicate with customers with messages and services that are more likely to be relevant. For example, one industry brand used Target Clarity to find those HCPs with the same characteristics as its current highest-writing physicians, and then reached out to those new HCPs through the digital channel.

By reallocating their marketing investment to this group of new potential prescribers, the brand was able to increase exposure to HCPs — and ultimately, patients. This type of response is very promising to patients, because better targeting will get the right brands in the hands of HCPs most likely to prescribe the medications to the patients that need them the most.

Fingers on the Pulse of the Patient Journey
PulseCX Breathes Life Into the Ultimate Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) marketing is set to be the major differentiator of healthcare brands, overtaking both PV0415_WalkingShoesprice and product features and benefits. According to PulseCX, a positive customer experience firmly connects healthcare professionals with their patients, engages them on a personal level, and supports them in every aspect of their journey. In today’s information-sharing age, people are ignoring “push” messaging; to be effective marketers need to establish relationships with customers first, and then deliver brand messages through these relationships and their specific customer experiences.

Based on a deep understanding of the world customers live in, PulseCX develops a strategic roadmap that reflects a brand experience that is real and relevant to their journey and identifies the most appropriate messages and information sources that support their decision-making process. This roadmap is used to anticipate the customers’ every need, place valuable tools and resources at their command and deliver experiences that are meaningful, memorable, and make their journeys complete. The goal is not only to raise awareness of a brands’ features and benefits; it’s to make every touch point an impactful experience and memorable moment for the patient. A positive customer experience works on a personal level to connect all constituents through every aspect of their journey, placing valuable tools and resources at their command and anticipating their every need. It helps connect the salesforce and healthcare professionals to create added-value relationships, and patients and their doctors to help discuss difficult subjects, ask the right questions, and get all the information they need. In short, it helps create experiences that are meaningful, memorable, and make patients’ journeys complete.

Med Affairs: Put That Peer-Reviewed Print Journal Down
MedEvoke Revolutionizes Processes to Speed Decision-Making

PV0415_InformationSharingMedEvoke has recently developed an innovative service that is already making medical affairs the center of all functional areas within organizations. It stands out from the crowd by the quantity of data that can be analyzed, the timeliness of that data, and the ability to measure uptake of scientific imperatives. Medical affairs departments of today are now expected to demonstrate more detailed, metrics-driven accountability for outcomes, but their data resources are often outdated and they don’t have the ability to dissect and synthesize the vast amount of data that are available. For example, medical affairs may be able to attend or review presented data on some conferences, but MedEvoke maintains real-time access to all communications about clinical data, whether they be in posters, abstracts, publications, KOL presentations, etc.

In partnership with MedMeme, MedEvoke is able to identify and analyze all clinical data being presented at any given time across myriad formats. MedEvoke is a provider of strategically aligned narrative development, and is not reliant on final publication in peer-reviewed journals; through the proprietary process the company can uncover opportunities for strategic imperatives one to two years earlier. By helping clients choose the most effective strategic imperatives and then measure uptake, MedEvoke increases clients’ chances of the product making it to market, thus offering faster and more improved therapeutic benefit to patients. (PV)



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