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New electronic and web-based applications, sites, and technologies

Trending Now: As trials become larger and more complex, enhancing efficiency and traceability of clinical trial inventory is critical. PharmaVigilant has released I-Accountability, a drug accountability system that efficiently tracks and controls drug inventory and randomization. As trials become larger and more complex, I-Accountability centralizes and automates the drug accountability process, decreasing workload at the sites, improving compliance and drastically advancing study timelines. The solution includes a QR code feature, providing clients with immediate access to inventory status through their smartphones. The solution replaces phone- and paper-based randomization methods and automatically retrieves randomization numbers and corresponding details. This process triggers email alerts to notify shippers and other participants of medication requirements throughout the supply chain. “With trials containing thousands of subjects across multiple sites/countries in need of study drugs or placebos, immediate access to this information is crucial in order to manage the drug/asset supply chain,” says James DeSanti, president and CEO of PharmaVigilant. “We have incorporated QR code functionality to leverage mobile hardware already existent in the field. Smartphones are everywhere, so adding QR codes to medical products will streamline the shipping and receiving process.” { For more information, visit Cegedim Relationship Management has released AggregateSpend360, a life-sciences-specific ­aggregate spend and transparency compliance ­solution, as a self-service model to streamline the ­transparency ­reporting process and deliver maximum cost-effectiveness. AggregateSpend360 Self Service ­enables life-sciences firms with lower transaction ­volumes to integrate, track, and manage all financial ­interactions with HCPs across their enterprises, ­without the financial impact of a more automated compliance system. The ­solution suits smaller ­companies as it ­simplifies the ­expense reporting process by allowing companies to enter data ­manually or via spreadsheet upload rather than through automated data feeds. { For more information, visit Medidata Solutions is now offering ­Medidata ­Balance, an intelligent randomization and trial ­supply solution, as a stand-alone system. This is a new ­alternative to the Balance solution that is unified with Medidata Rave, an electronic data capture, ­management and reporting system. The new version includes: a Web interface guiding the creation of the randomization ­design and supply plans, including definition of complex dosing rules; an allocation algorithm or permuted block method, now offering ­integrated list generation, that creates the ­assignments to arms and strata; and an ­integrated simulation tool testing the allocation of ­subjects and confirming the desired level of ­balance. { For more information, visit New Electronic and Web-based Applications, Sites, and Technologies Featured Briefs: PharmaVigilant Releases Inventory System E-UPGRADES AND ENHANCEMENTS

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