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Hope for Better Healthcare The PharmaVOICE 100 honorees have tremendous insights into the challenges and opportunities for the industry. Here are some of their thoughts on the future of healthcare. David Berry Flagship Ventures Broad openness to new innovations will change the status quo and treat diseases that haven’t been previously treated. Jessica Brueggeman MicroMass Communications My hope is that expertise in behavioral science and clinical/medicine will be more integrated. And these two disciplines will show up in healthcare delivery and in industry solutions. Medicine is absolutely part of the solution for better health outcomes, but it only gets us halfway there. Andrew Burns WorldOne There will be improved affordability and access, not only in North America, but globally. Dr. Francis Collins National Institutes of Health Medical research will lead to more effective prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, and as a result healthcare costs will come down. Dr. Mark Curran Janssen Research & Development My hope is that we move from treatment of disease to providing health Jim Curtis Remedy Health Media The healthcare industry needs to modernize how it presents content and acknowledges that higher standards for media design and technology can play an enormous role in delivering better health outcomes. Walter Capone The Multiple Myeloma Research ­Foundation There is a need to restructure the U.S. healthcare system in a manner that incentivizes therapeutic breakthroughs, thus continuous research advances; compensates clinicians and providers properly for delivering quality care; solidifies the capability and provision of specialized or advanced care/procedures; and enables access to care regardless of location or means. Mary Clegg SynteractHCR My hope is that there comes a time when as much emphasis is placed on preventative care as is on treatment; when diagnostics for early detection are made readily accessible and affordable so that folks are not having to chose between potentially life-saving tests and putting food on the table. Punit Dhillon OncoSec Medical We need to bring down the cost of healthcare to make it more sustainable for patients and the overall healthcare system. The industry needs to work on the prevention side of healthcare, instead of merely focusing on treating the symptoms or looking at therapeutics. Amy Ellis MedAvante My hope is for the demise of partisan politics. Jud Gardner Comprehend Systems All patients will get the best treatments available to them in a timely fashion. This will require big regulatory and technological changes to see fully through to fruition. David Hahn The Medical Affairs Company The pharmaceutical industry needs to continue to develop new drugs to treat the ailments that afflict society and focus on sharing scientific and clinical information, not pure sales messaging, with physicians and patients. Jamie Heywood PatientsLikeMe I am working toward a world where healthcare is not defined by what we do but by the impact of what we do; where the outcome is defined by the patient; and a time when the patient determines the value of each part of the system. Treatments, diagnoses, and the practice of medicine itself will all be measured and rewarded for the real-time value they create for each individual. Kerry Hilton HCB?Health Technology is our greatest hope. More integration of real-time data will make healthcare more efficient for all. I see incremental improvements in technology that collectively will help deliver the right information and the right treatment that is specific to individual patients. Dr. Joanne Kamens Addgene More diversity among people working in healthcare will lead to more diversity of thought, creativity, innovation, and progress. Julie Kampf JBK Associates International I hope that there will be new ideas generated that help to bring healthcare costs down so that the aging population can get needed care. Rick Keefer Publicis Touchpoint Solutions My hope for the future of healthcare is that everyone — regardless of socioeconomic status — has access to excellent healthcare. Robert Klein Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide As a country, my hope is that we can find the balance between offering the highest quality, affordable healthcare and the financial challenge of continuing to attract the best and the brightest to the practice of medicine. Dr. Jessica Lea Tria Health As we continue to use medication to control our health, I hope that patients, providers, and payers can work together to use the resources and technology we have available to improve the quality of care and create better, patient-centered outcomes. Dr. Kevin Lustig The Assay Depot My hope is that by dramatically lowering barriers to drug discovery, we will be able to find new treatments for the millions of people who currently die every year from diseases we should be able to prevent or cure. Mauricha Marcussen Auditgraph and Agano Solutions My hope is that more people would take personal initiatives to improve their own health and well-being through proper nutrition and exercise; thus alleviating the healthcare burden of soaring costs due to self-induced conditions. DJ Mitsch The Pyramid Resource Group That leadership in the healthcare space becomes a source of continuous learning and discovery. We trust visionary leaders will find answers to all of the looming challenges David Ormesher closerlook My hope for the future of healthcare is that the lines begin to blur between preventive, curative, and palliative medicine, with pharma, alongside providers, taking a science-based leadership role in improving public health. Robert Previdi PSKW My hope is that medical professionals can treat patients without interference from payers or government. Kim Ramko EY I hope that we are able to shift to a model where we place the patient at the center of care, meaning we include all aspects of care — preventive, medical, holistic, patient communities, and foundations — when treating a patient and do it in such a way where incentives are built for the providers, payers, and life-sciences companies to be successful. Ken Rapp Accelrys My hope is that with personalized medicine, we can manage disease and maintain quality of life through scientific innovation. Mike Rea IDEA Pharma We need to stop thinking about pills and the old model, and start re-imagining new types of treatments. David Rear Advanced Clinical Concepts Even in the context of shifting priorities and governmental regulation, good science and the discovery of new and unique drugs are the primary drivers of evolution in our marketplace. To that end, I hope that the next big breakthrough will be important enough to put the science back on top as the main driver of our industry. Jamie Ring Genzyme I’m hoping that more and more companies will understand the importance of investing in a true patient advocacy function. Adrienne Robinson Merck My hope is that we make breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s and cancer treatments and, hopefully, cures. Fatima Scipione Millennium In the future, my hope is that there is affordable healthcare for all. Currently, especially in cancer, those who are financially secure may receive better care because they can pay for it. I would like to see that dynamic change and there are treatments available to all. David Segarnick MedEvoke Recent pipeline analysis suggests that in the future, new product development will increasingly focus on targeted, novel therapeutic agents for treatment-resistant diseases to address the leading causes of death, including cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Dr. Graham Simpson GlaxoSmithKline In the future, the hope is that the ability to pay and the country people are born in will not be a restriction to the quality of care they can receive. Hopefully, innovation and public attitude will change the business model of the industry and bring increased economic growth and revolutionary healthcare systems to developing countries. Abbe Steel UBC In the future, the hope is that we will realize the full potential of providing every patient with access to their personal health records. Now more than ever, patients have an opportunity to take a leading role in their own health decisions. We need to provide patients with information and resources that can change their behavior, help them stay safe, and improve their outcomes. Dr. Jay Udani Medicus Research Based on the availability of technology, information, and the way that healthcare expense reimbursement is going in this country, at the very least, the hope is that people will become more ­responsible for their own healthcare decisions ­without their doctor to guide them along the way. Kathy Jo Usher Bayer Healthcare Dermatology The U.S. population will take more ­responsibility for its healthcare by making ­responsible personal decisions, such as decreasing obesity. What a downward spiral we have seen just from this one health condition. In the future, the hope is that we will not see funding decrease in areas of crucial research and development for new drugs and technology. Alexandra von Plato Publicis Healthcare Communications Group My hope is that everyone feels able to seek, find, and experience the best healthcare for themselves and their families. Samuel Whitaker Greenphire Continued implementation of technologies in the future will speed drug development and make the process more cost-effective. David Zaritsky Roska Healthcare In the future, the hope is that healthcare moves from brand focus to patient focus to wellness focus. The surround-sound of wellness should touch and influence every part of the patient’s existence and not just those moments around a brand message.

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