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N-of-One Launches App Sequencing Data

Trending Now: As the life-sciences business continues to diversify across borders and new channels, the need for easily accessible and accurate HCO, HCP, and affiliation information has never been greater.

PV0615_ChrisCournoyerN-of-One has launched Variant Interpreter, a cloud-based app that allows oncologists and researchers to access relevant biological and clinical knowledge and insights related to the mutation profile of a tumor identified by targeted sequencing. Initial release will cover 30 prevalent cancer associated genes that are commonly tested. Future releases will include additional genes.

“N-of-One unleashes the power of next-generation sequencing (NGS) for oncologists, pathologists, and researchers by providing the latest published clinical and scientific knowledge associated with NGS data from each tumor,” says Chris Cournoyer, CEO of N-of-One.

Using this app, oncologists, pathologists, and researchers can quickly request a molecular interpretation of a variant or multiple variants in a tumor using convenient drop-down menus in a familiar app format, and rapidly receive a customized interpretative roadmap linking the variant data to scientific knowledge.
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Benchling Launches Cloud Platform to Accelerate Life Science R&D

Benchling has launched its new platform, which accelerates R&D by tracking experiment details, facilitating collaboration, and PV0615_ToolsUpdatesstreamlining data analysis.

The Benchling Research Platform houses all of the data that scientists work with — from DNA sequences to images and more — ensuring that all experimental data and context are fully versioned, indexed, and searchable.

The Benchling Research Platform features: apps for core functions, such as designing DNA, creating interactive protocols, and annotating gel images; a live activity stream of research across an organization or lab; full-search over experimental data and context; and the ability to document, track, and witness experiments as they progress.
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Vantage Application Suites Unlock the Potential of Big Data

Symphony Health has launched Vantage application platform, a collection of applications and capabilities aligned to key pharmaceutical business functions,including managed markets, sales, and brand management.
Leveraging the power of the Symphony HealthCloud, these functionally tailored suites provide instant access to key performance metrics, data visualizations, and predictive analytics that enable rapid, informed situation analysis and decision making.
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TrialScope Launches Free EudraCT Results Conversion Service

TrialScope has launched Convert, a free online clinical trial data conversion service. The complimentary service enables users to quickly and efficiently reuse clinical trial results data that were previously reported to the U.S. registry ( and convert the information to the appropriate format for submission to the European registry (EudraCT).

Clinical trial sponsors face a looming deadline for reporting results in Europe. For eligible clinical trials that ended between July 21, 2013 and July 21, 2014, sponsors are required to post results by July 21, 2015. The data entry burden for only one study is significant and many sponsors have numerous study results to report. Sponsors can gain access to the free conversion service from the TrialScope website at

PV0615_ThomasWicksTrialScope’s Chief Strategy Officer Thomas Wicks says: “TrialScope’s complimentary EudraCT conversion service will provide sponsors with an opportunity to maintain compliance while simplifying the effort to do so. The service immediately reduces the data entry burden by as much as 85% for clinical trial results disclosures.”
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BuzzeoPDMA Enhances Field Inventory Services

BuzzeoPDMA, a Cegedim company, is providing enhanced field inventory services through the use of a new electronic solution for capturing inventory and sample storage information from sales representatives in the field.

BuzzeoPDMA’s electronic capture solution enables data entry of sample inventory and storage information via bar code scanner or keypad, and also supports electronic signature capture of both the field inventory specialist and the sales representatives.

Inventory and storage results are sent instantly to BuzzeoPDMA’s Web-based tracking tool, and can be accessed any time.PV0615_UpdatesTrade
Summary reports of field events are also emailed to home office staff, giving them almost real-time updates of events with details such as field specialist conducting the audit, sales representative audited, physical inventory of samples, storage information.

PV0615_PaulHamby“We are very excited to offer this enhancement to our clients,” says Paul Hamby, senior director of compliance solutions at BuzzeoPDMA.
“Not only will it streamline compliance processes, but it will also enhance data quality while getting information to clients on a more timely basis.”
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Accelrys has released Accelrys Notebook 5.0. New capabilities allow for customizing work environments and connecting to existing laboratory software without complex integration and advanced programming support. The new release eases the transition to the digital lab, enhancing the way researchers capture, share, and reuse information, ultimately helping organizations move innovative new products to market more quickly.
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Certara has launched version 2.0 of its Cardiac Safety Simulator (CSS), which has become a stand-alone product for the first time.

Drug-induced cardiovascular adverse events are one of the leading causes of drug withdrawals from the market and of drug label restrictions. As a result, biopharmal companies are keen to identify new drug candidates with a propensity to cause arrhythmias, or cause the heart to beat with an abnormal rhythm, early in the R&D cycle. CSS v2.0 offers many new features, including: providing enhanced QSAR models for predicting drug-triggered IKr, IKs, INa, and ICaL current inhibition based on automatically calculated phys-chem data (when in-vitro data are not available); predicting population variability and drug-triggered physiology modifications; permitting assessment of the potential impact of disease and genotypes; allows for genotype-related ionic current modification at the multiple channels level; an additional human left ventricular muscle cell model; evaluating up to seven chemical species (drugs, metabolites, and other substances) simultaneously that are interacting at the ion channel(s) level; and an Excel-based tool to enhance
visualization of simulation results.
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Simulations Plus has released Version 9.0 of GastroPlus. Several of the significant enhancements include: ability to simulate the absorption and distribution of biologics (antibodies and proteins); ability to simulate dosing to the skin, including patches, creams, ointments, and
subcutaneous injections; and tighter integration with its ADMET Predictor software to increase the utility of the
program in early drug discovery.

GastroPlus integrates the best science into user-friendly software to enable researchers and regulators to perform analyses of complex drug behaviors in humans and laboratory animals.
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