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Daniel Gilman, CEO and Co-Founder, RxVantage

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Innovation in medical technology moves at an incredible pace, but providers cannot keep up. RxVantage is on a mission to change this so every provider has the most relevant information needed to deliver the best care to every patient.

The demands of healthcare practices have made a HCP’s availability to connect with education and knowledge more difficult. Technology and devices that provide the necessary connections to life science experts and the information that is essential to patient care are the way to bridge this chasm. How? By bringing the education resources that life science companies create into an easy-to-use app that healthcare providers and their staff use to get the answers they need for patients.

“It’s incredibly challenging for HCPs to keep up with the pace of change in medicine,” says Daniel Gilman,CEO and Co-Founder of RxVantage. “Life science companies produce amazing breakthroughs all the time, but with providers already stretched beyond their limits, it is almost impossible to orchestrate a timely educational connection. We believe this problem can be solved by empowering HCPs with an efficient and hassle-free way to connect with the right life science community members at the right time, for the betterment of every patient.”

It’s no secret that healthcare providers and life science companies need
smarter ways to engage with each other given the demands of our current environment.

“For life science companies, this presents an opportunity to connect and educate providers and their teams based on their self-defined needs and preferences,” Daniel says. “When HCPs are empowered, brand strategies, go-to-market plans, and concepts like next best actions all become much smarter and aligned to the realities of the HCP.”

Whether a provider needs information on a new FDA approval for a drug or device or to discuss a product recall, a billing manager needs reimbursement advice, or a patient needs financial assistance, RxVantage’s network make it easy to find reps and medical liaisons via instant messaging, requesting a meeting, or calling them to get the information they need, fast.

“To deliver the best care, healthcare practitioners need timely and relevant information from life science experts and organizations — from treatment options to relevant clinical studies to reimbursement-based information and more,” Daniel says. “This ensures that the practice and healthcare ecosystems are working most efficiently, which means there is less waste, less friction, and more time to focus on solutions for patients.”

With technology at the center of RxVantage’s suite to solutions, Daniel adds that one area where these technologies can continue to improve is in simplifying the HCP experience.

“HCPs and their care teams want low-effort solutions that enable them to get the resources and expertise they need, when they need them, according to their specific preferences,” he says. “Technology that delivers this can lead to greater efficiency across the ecosystem, and more importantly, better care for patients. In short, smarter connections.” (PV)

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