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Influencers have the power to positively change the status quo because of their authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with their audience.

The pandemic accelerated providers’ improvements in digital experiences so they could maintain their relationships with patients through the challenge of COVID-19 while reaching new segments. According to PwC, providers are fine-tuning “digital front door” mobile apps that connect them to their patients, beefing up portals and intensifying use of customer relationship management (CRM) tools. They are using virtual care and analytics to not only improve the customer experience and create regular touchpoints with patients, but also to expand capacity to avoid frustrating or alienating patients. PwC’s HRI expects these digital investments in the patient relationship to expand consumers’ access to care, increasing utilization and medical cost trend in 2022. Patients and clinicians expect useful digital tools as part of the care journey — before the pandemic, digital investments to improve the way patients and clinicians engage with the health system and each other may have been tabled by provider leaders in favor of other needs. The crisis exposed how vulnerable healthcare organizations were without them. In the short term, these investments cost money, but they may pay off in the long run.


13 Influencer Marketing Trends

1. Micro and Nano Influencers Will Get More Love
2. Brands Will Look for Ongoing Partnerships Instead of One-Off Projects
3. New Social Media Platforms — and Types of Influencer Content — Will Pop Up
4. Performance-Based Deals Will Increase
5. Influencers Will Become More Specialized
6. Influencer Collaborations Will Increase
7. Planning and Data Will Rule
8. Video Content Will Increase (Even More) In Popularity
9. Authenticity Will Be the Watchword
10. Cause and Issue Marketing Will Continue to Grow
11. Social Commerce Will Bring New Sponsorship Opportunities
12. Employee-Driven Content Will Increase
13. Paid Advertising Will Be Key for Broad Reach

Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

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