Greg Skalicky — Understanding the Commercial Lifecycle

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Greg Skalicky, Chief Revenue Officer, EVERSANA

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By building a complete commercial platform, we are able to take a broad view of how market and product complexities impact operations.

With a wide breadth of clinical and commercial experience, Greg Skalicky, chief revenue officer of EVERSANA, has a keen understanding of the entire product lifecycle and recognizes the increasing importance of getting commercialization right from the beginning. He knows that understanding market demands is key, as is designing an agile model with the ability to respond to these fluctuations while reducing financial risk and unpredictability. Also important is the flexibility to make strategic investments and leverage assets such as data and analytics to avoid launch delays and best position a product for commercial success. “By building a complete commercial platform, we are able to take a broad view of how market and product complexities impact operations like channel, field and patient services and leverage our integrated platform to address these complexities in a seamless manner,” he says.

Because the average revenue value of approved assets has significantly decreased in the last 10 years — along with overall satisfaction of launch effectiveness, Greg says companies are looking for a better approach that protects their investments while minimizing financial risk and improving the execution of commercialization activities.

“From my experience, development companies are ideally looking for a model that can ‘de-risk’ financial barriers, provide a superior commercialization platform, save time and, ultimately, allow them to keep the lion’s share of their product revenue,” he says.

EVERSANA embarked on a mission to build a full-scale commercial platform in which manufacturers could drop a product into its ecosystem for complete A-to-Z commercialization to address a growing commercialization gap. Greg says until now, manufacturers had three options: selling, out-licensing or building an expensive infrastructure. “We offer a fourth option: EVERSANA COMPLETE COMMERCIALIZATION,” he says. “We are a commercial partner that can completely commercialize a product because we’ve invested and integrated all of the needed services and solutions into one platform. And we take risk along with our partners, ensuring mutual accountability across the commercialization timeline. This is the disruptive model that creates value across a manufacturer’s portfolio.”

Greg says while innovation within the pharmaceutical industry is booming, many companies still face challenges to launching a product. Further, he says more than 50% of the products approved in the next two to three years will have a digital application as part of the launch. “Investing in data and analytics, including AI and machine learning, and digital is critical,” he says. “We use data and analytics to understand trends, inform decisions and drive strategy — it is infused in everything we do. Companies bringing products to market tomorrow must know how to use digital to support their products’ commercialization because the market will demand it.” (PV)

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