Clinical Educators Provide Support Along the Whole Patient Journey

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Clinical Educator Teams, VMS BioMarketing

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Team Power

The teams of clinical educators at VMS BioMarketing are driven to help patients on a one-to-one basis to manage chronic illnesses — in the field or on the phone each day.

Taking A Step-Wise Approach to clinical education

There is one club that no one wants to join, but for those who work alongside patients in this club — the “chronically ill club” — the only thing that matters is improving the lives of those individuals. The teams of clinical educators at VMS BioMarketing are just those people. VMS clinical educators often speak to people who are at their most vulnerable, having just received a devastating diagnosis. To ease the way, these patient heroes take a genuine and caring step-wise approach to providing education and information about a disease, how to administer a therapy, how to cope with a diagnosis, and how to manage complicated therapies.

For these clinical educators it is rewarding to give patients the time and attention they need — sometimes for the very first time — moving them from being worriers to warriors. The goal is to provide patients with the tools to emotionally work through their everyday world with a serious illness.

The positive feedback received from patients inspire VMS clinical educators to develop new ways to empower them in their health journey. VMS clinical educators ladder-up these conversations to the company’s leaders; these insights help to further address patients’ needs, remove barriers, and augment a client’s product or therapy. For VMS clinical educator teams it’s all about bringing the patient voice to the forefront.

Team members say while there are many excellent solutions available today to improve the patient experience, it’s important not to lose sight of the human-to-human connection. These one-on-one interactions are where genuine compassion exists, and compassionate care is needed to improve outcomes. Over the years, VMS clinical educator teams have impacted the healthcare journey of more than 1 million patients, each of whom they describe as a hero. n(PV)

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