No Brakes: Picking the Partner to Speed Oncology and Rare Disease Candidates to Market

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Carolyn Morgan, President, precisioneffect

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Imagine a company created with an end goal of delivering lifesaving therapies to patients faster while mitigating risks, minimizing obstacles, and maximizing time on market. Sounds like a turbocharged unicorn, right?

Enter Precision Medicine Group (PMG)—built with a laser focus on quality and expertise.

From the outset, PMG focused on overcoming the obvious perceptual barrier: could one entity cover the entire life cycle of a product without diluting expertise in this pursuit? Our founders focused on each discipline individually to ensure every step on the path is as good as the next and our work together has a pay-it-forward mentality.
Business leaders within PMG focus on delivering their core expertise and offering clients additional breadth and depth when and where the business requires.

While most of our clients end up calling on several areas of expertise, one can engage PMG across the entire continuum from molecule to medicine cabinet.

What does that look like and what kind of expertise does PMG offer? Let’s break it down. We’ll follow product X, a biomarker-driven oncolytic that treats a rare disease, through the PMG journey.

As the industry turns to precision medicine—leveraging biomarkers and companion diagnostics—to ensure patients are getting tailored treatments that give them the best chance at surviving and thriving, life science companies need a partner that can match them step for step in this journey. Under traditional models, as an asset advances from R&D to commercialization, progress inevitably decelerates to onboard new partners and/or educate new teams on the science, market dynamics, and customer insights. The result is delay to the end goal: getting medicine to patients and maximizing that asset’s commercial potential.

Precision Medicine Group was designed to remove the speed bumps. Our own growth, with $300 million in annual sales and 1450 employees in 25 offices around the world, speaks to the value our clients are finding with us.(PV)

precisioneffect is a healthcare advertising agency dedicated to working with companies seeking to change the standard of care. For nearly four decades, the agency has developed market-changing and award-winning work for novel pharmaceuticals, biologics, devices, and diagnostics. The agency’s expertise in identifying and changing status-quo preserving behaviors has demonstrated success with physicians, patients, and caregivers across virtually every branch of medicine. The company has offices in Boston, Chicago, Costa Mesa, and London and is a division of Precision Value & Health.
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