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Steve Hamburg, Managing Partner, Chief Creative Officer, Calcium

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In today’s complex healthcare marketplace, brands continue to be a potent force. Brands, among other things, are vehicles for engagement, creating strong connections between businesses and the people they serve.

When brands are vibrant and alive, businesses flourish. By maximizing brand health, marketers are able to deliver the kind of powerful business impact they need to influence their customers and potential customers.

Given the significant challenges being faced by life-sciences companies, brand nourishment requires strategic thinking of the highest order. Strategic acumen should continually be honed over many years of accumulated real-world experience, across a wide span of client engagements, and in a diverse range of categories. Marketers should be able to track and identify the healthcare landscape changes that affect strategy — enabling them to deliver more effective solutions. A strong foundation supports all of the critical work done. A company’s culture should emphasize the constant genesis of new ideas to drive brand growth. There are six factors marketers need to consider when asking “what if.”

1. Market Analysis
Develop a deep and comprehensive understanding of the product, category, and all stakeholders. Include a rigorous competitive assessment. Reveal critical unmet needs and market opportunities.

2. Strategy
Formulate deep market and customer insights into powerful plans of attack. Establish the strategic framework — in a clear and systematic way — for all downstream marketing initiatives.

3. Positioning
Situate your brand in the minds of (potential) customers. Precisely define the right strategic messaging that will most powerfully resonate with and activate specific customer segments.

4. Creative
Skillfully combine verbal and visual elements into brand expressions that deliver maximum impact and engagement. Invoke both the heart and mind to create executional magic that captivates your audiences and, thereby, moves the needle.

5. Tactical Executions
Develop the art and science of effective message delivery. Create the most innovative and compelling programs and initiatives, all strategically aligned. And utilize the most validated online and offline channels to get your message heard.

6. ROI Analysis
Measurement matters. Constantly assess marketing initiatives in terms of relevant metrics and in-market performance. And, based on that feedback, all thinking and materials are subjected to continuous improvement.

Calcium is a full-service, independent healthcare advertising agency, offering strategic and creative firepower with robust in-house digital capabilities. At Calcium, clients benefit from big agency talent and support without the big agency bureaucracy. This means the agency’s talent and energies are focused on delivering various forms of brand nourishment that make businesses thrive… Let’s build something strong together.

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