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Quintiles Unveils Solution Design Studio

Trending nowNew healthcare technology and apps accelerator combines expert teams and agile processes in a highly collaborative, digitally enabled environment.

PV0916_RichardThomasQuintiles, a provider of product development and integrated healthcare services, has opened its global Solution Design Studio where expert teams collaborate to create technology solutions that tackle some of healthcare’s biggest challenges.

The Studio is a highly interactive technology-driven environment featuring digital-simulation capabilities and proven early-development processes that drive innovation and rapid problem solving. Quintiles’ customers, its therapeutic and domain experts, and key healthcare stakeholders join the Studio’s team of simulation analysts, wearable and virtual reality experts, and user-interface designers and app developers.
Working together, the goal is to create technology solutions that exceed expectations for researchers, healthcare workers, and ultimately patients.

“We believe that the future of healthcare is intertwined with technology innovation and its application in real-world settings,” says Richard Thomas, Quintiles president, technology and solutions. “Simply put, we are working with stakeholders to rapidly create technology solutions that solve healthcare challenges, big and small.”

The new Studio is part of the Quintiles campus, located in the technology hub of Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. The Solution Design Studio team has an award-winning portfolio of digital innovations, including the Quintiles Infosario One mobile app, the next-generation clinical development platform, Infosario Design, and Quintiles’ contribution to the Apple ResearchKit framework.

Certara Introduces Data Platform for Biotech R&D

PV0916_DrEdmundoMunizCertara, a provider of decision support technology and consulting services for optimizing drug development and improving health outcomes, has launched D360 Express. This R&D informatics platform provides scientific data integration, analysis, and visualization in an easy-to-deploy, self-service solution specifically packaged for discovery scientists at small biopharmaceutical companies.

With D360 Express, Certara has taken the D360 features and benefits that have proven valuable to larger pharmaceutical R&D groups and created a solution tailored to the needs of discovery scientists in smaller organizations.

D360 is a scientifically intelligent data access solution for small-molecule discovery scientists. It combines data from multiple cheminformatics and bioinformatics databases, allowing users to query those sources in a common GUI. D360 also enables those scientists to visualize their query results and make informed go/no-go and next-step decisions.

“The feedback that we have received from the 6,500 scientists using D360 has been overwhelmingly positive with regard to the platform’s ability to reduce research cycle times, enabling them to make quicker, more effective decisions,” says Certara CEO Edmundo Muniz, M.D., Ph.D.
“Those scientists estimate that by using D360 they have been able to increase by more than 50% the time they spend performing  pivotal scientific modeling and analysis instead of provisioning data.”

Veeva Launches Unified Cloud Solution for Clinical Trials

Veeva Systems, a provider of cloud-based software for the global life sciences industry, has introduced Veeva Vault CTMS, the industry’s first multitenant cloud application that unifies information, documentation, and processes globally for a single source of truth across clinical operations. Together with Veeva Vault eTMF, Veeva offers the first and only suite of clinical applications that combines CTMS and eTMF on one cloud platform. Now life-sciences companies can accelerate trial execution and gain real-time visibility into their clinical operations.

PV0916_JenniferGoldsmithThe fragmented landscape in clinical operations stems from duplicate content and data in multiple systems across many processes in a growing, complex global ecosystem of stakeholders. System and process silos create challenges for operations leaders to plan and make informed decisions during clinical trials.

“Veeva is bringing the next generation of clinical trial management to life sciences,” says Jennifer Goldsmith, senior VP of Veeva Vault. “We are filling a significant gap in the industry with a unified suite of applications to provide one process, one system, and one view within and across clinical trials. For the first time, life-sciences companies will be able to get full visibility into their clinical operations.”

Deloitte Launches Safety Analytics Application

Deloitte has launched a new cloud-based analytics solution to help life-sciences and pharmaceutical companies transform their pharmacovigilance processes through data-driven, actionable insights and management. The solution is part of a broader set of planned integrated ConvergeHEALTH analytics applications to address core challenges for life-sciences organizations.

Developed by Deloitte Consulting’s products and solutions practice, ConvergeHEALTH Safety is a high-performance application that delivers easy-to-understand insights in the context of safety processes and helps improve decision making in real time.

As part of the offering, Deloitte has teamed with SAP to offer the SAP HANA in-memory computing platform as one of the strategic technology components for the Safety application and additional ConvergeHEALTH analytics applications. Building on SAP, HANA enables Safety and other ConvergeHEALTH applications to bring together data warehousing and operational reporting, real-time processing and advanced visualization, and data science and predictive analysis into a single solution to deliver an integrated and intuitive user experience.

PV0916_GregReh“The new offering can transform safety processes from fragmentation and complexity to integration and efficiency to support life-sciences companies’ innovation through insight and contribute to better patient outcomes,” says Greg Reh, principal and U.S. and global life sciences sector leader, Deloitte Consulting.

VitalTrax Launches Cloud-based eCOA Platform

VitalTrax has launched its CORE eCOA platform, enabling pharmaceutical companies to collect patient report outcomes (PRO) data electronically. Since the solution is 100% cloud-based, sponsors can simply sign on, create and design a study, enroll patients, and run a trial.

“Our solution simplifies the study design and launch process and improves engagement by delivering purpose-built user experiences for sponsors, sites, and patients,” says Zikria Syed, CEO of VitalTrax. “The result is significantly reduced study startup time and overall costs.”

With CORE eCOA, customers are able to launch trials faster, increase site and patient engagement, while improving quality of clinical data collection. The solution provides built-in dashboards and reports to keep all users informed and engaged.

CSC Launches IDMP As-a-Service

CSC, a global provider of next-generation IT services and solutions, has launched Identification of Medicinal Products As-a-Service (IDMPaaS), a collaboration with ArisGlobal to deliver a cloud-hosted offering for life-sciences companies.

IDMPaaS provides access to regulatory information management (RIM) solutions, drug safety monitoring software for pharmacovigilance, business process services, and risk management analytics to achieve compliance with emerging IDMP requirements.

IDMPaaS includes initial consulting to help life-sciences organizations understand their IDMP responsibilities, along with CSC’s FirstDoc for content management and ArisGlobal’s agIDMP for data collection, review and submission, both delivered through a data factory hosted in CSC’s secure cloud environment. The result is a service package designed to scale in response to the evolving needs of life-sciences organizations as they progress through the four stages of the IDMP maturity curve — foundation, data management, compliance, and business benefits.

In addition, CSC has entered into an agreement with ArisGlobal to sell, host, and support ArisGlobal’s RIM and IDMP products. The agreement will provide clients with an implementation partner that has proven life-sciences expertise for ArisGlobal’s products on a global scale.

ClinEdge Launches Service to Connect Patients with Enrolling Clinical Trials

ClinEdge Engage, the full-service patient recruitment and retention division of ClinEdge, has launched PatientEngage, an active patient community and clinical trial matching service. The new online platform uses machine-learning algorithms, social media engagement, and patient advocacy networks to match eligible patients nationwide with currently enrolling clinical trials.

“By leveraging our experience in delivering customized clinical research solutions, including extensive experience in Web-based patient recruitment efforts, the PatientEngage team has created a comprehensive suite of online engagement and retention tools,” says Christian Burns, president of ClinEdge. “One example is our SMS texting platform, which contacts patients in real time with currently enrolling studies opportunities while also improving subject retention rates of ongoing trials.”

PatientEngage will provide research sites with the following features: Quick identification of eligible patients who have shown interest in clinical trial participation;  outreach targeted by indication to study patients in your site’s geographic area; a patient lead report for a specific study or therapeutic area; and optional prescreening of patient leads generated from the service.

Xcenda Unveils Service to Enchance Access for Specialty Products

Xcenda, a part of AmerisourceBergen, has added several new service offerings designed to meet the evolving needs of manufacturers in a highly complex, value-driven environment. Xcenda’s new services are designed to help manufacturers prove the value of their products as they collaborate with stakeholders to improve patient access to medications.

The company now helps manufacturers develop strategies to demonstrate the clinical impact of products and how they improve quality by matching them with a suite of tactical services to help shift the discussion from price to value and quality.

Additionally, Xcenda HEOR experts are available on a contract basis to provide support to health outcomes teams by developing strategies, executing projects, creating and communicating effective product value stories, and supporting product approval.

Finally, manufacturers can now work with Xcenda’s Managed Care Account Executive team, which serves as a resource to managed care decision-makers in the delivery of disease burden information, product value messages, clinical/economic data, and contracting guidelines.
Leading the way for these additional services is Xcenda’s new president, Thomas Bramley, Ph.D. (PV)



Clinical Ink, a provider of eSource, RBM, and patient engagement technologies for clinical trials, has made available a number of innovations to its SureSource platform. This latest release focuses on data management and centralized monitoring functionality and builds upon the
capabilities of eSource to provide a better clinical trial experience for patients, sites, and sponsors.

Model N, a provider of cloud-based revenue management solutions, has made available its Revvy Revenue Management and Revenue Enterprise Cloud products for life-sciences, high-tech, and manufacturing. This latest product release enables enterprise companies to streamline and exert more control over their revenue management activities to deliver top-line growth. It also includes many other
enhancements to improve security, performance, integration, and revenue optimization.

Simulations Plus, a developer of drug discovery and development software, has released version 8.0 of its ADMET Predictor molecular property prediction software. Several features from MedChem Studio are now included for enhanced data mining and insight and there is an improved optional ADMET Modeler Module with a new, intuitive model-building workflow.

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