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New Company Launches to Address Preclinical Research

Trending nowVium aims to bridge the technology gap in preclinical research to accelerate drug development.

PV0716_JoeBettsLacroixVium has officially launched, offering Digital Vivarium and Vium Cloud, which bridge a technology gap in preclinical in vivo drug research.
Vium’s living informatics platform — Digital Vivarium — includes a fully automated physical and digital infrastructure containing rodent cages with intelligent sensors, video, and a high-definition camera network, enabling researchers to accelerate the discovery of breakthrough medicines while providing a more natural environment for research subjects. All information is transmitted to the Vium Cloud, where massive amounts of data are stored, computed, and analyzed.

Scientists design and conduct studies through an online research suite, where they can monitor animal behavior and well being anytime, anywhere, with video and auditable records for ongoing analyses and easy study reproduction. Importantly, the system contains controls to reduce human error and minimize animal handling.

“Our low-touch approach provides a more humane, natural environment for animal research subjects while delivering more reliable data in a much shorter period of time,” says Joe Betts-Lacroix, Vium’s chief technology officer. “With the introduction of our living informatics platform, we are setting a new standard for animal care while giving researchers breakthrough tools for advancing human health.”

Veeva Introduces System for Digital Asset Management

Veeva Systems has introduced Veeva Vault PromoMats DAM, an industry-specific solution that combines digital asset management capabilities with medical, legal, regulatory (MLR) review in a single enterprise cloud application.

Veeva now offers two options for managing commercial content — Veeva Vault PromoMats and Vault PromoMats DAM — to give customers greater choice in streamlining their digital supply chain. Both versions provide core digital asset management capabilities for managing source files, with Vault PromoMats DAM offering advanced enterprise capabilities, including support for larger file sizes, greater storage capacity, and more robust image and video file handling.

PV0716_JohnChinniciFeatures such as single-click distribution, withdrawal of expired content, and MLR review give customers complete visibility and control of content at every stage of its lifecycle.

“Many life-sciences companies are increasing their use of rich multimedia content, requiring more sophisticated digital asset management capabilities on a global scale,” says John Chinnici, VP, Global Vault PromoMats. “Vault PromoMats DAM builds upon the strength of our current asset management capabilities to support our customers’ growing, complex digital media landscapes, while meeting compliance needs every step of the way.”

Additionally, Veeva has introduced Veeva Network Product Master, the latest addition to the Veeva Network suite of master data management (MDM) applications built specifically for life sciences.

MedNet and Algorics Partner to Offer Integrated Services

MedNet Solutions and Algorics have unveiled a strategic technology partnership designed to provide superior risk-based monitoring (RBM) functionality to MedNet’s customers around the world. Specifically, the companies have seamlessly integrated iMedNet, MedNet Solutions’ flexible, affordable and easy-to-use eClinical platform with Acuity, Algorics’ regulatory-compliant cloud-based clinical data analytics solution for the risk management of clinical trials.

PV0716_ClareeceWestThe partnership builds upon iMedNet’s existing functionality to provide additional capabilities, including risk assessment and categorization tools, visualization of key risk indicators (KRIs), automated risk alerts, and actionable decision support tools that help clinical teams focus on risks that really matter.

“With the growing importance that risk based monitoring plays in clinical research, we now have robust and highly-configurable options for our customers that want more comprehensive RBM support,” says Clareece West, chief operating officer at MedNet Solutions. “By integrating our two platforms, we can better help study sponsors maximize resource efficiency while minimizing operational costs and mitigating overall study risks.”

InCrowd Debuts Automated Approach To Life-Sciences Market Research Tracking

InCrowd has released a new market insights solution, the InCrowd MicroTracker, an approach to life-sciences tracking clinical studies, where brand perceptions by healthcare prescribers and consumers are longitudinally assessed and monitored over time.

InCrowd’s new MicroTracker eliminates weeks from the delivery of results from tracker studies, like ATUs.

By bringing efficiencies with automated sampling, data integration, and visualization technologies, MicroTracker streamlines an otherwise cumbersome and difficult process. It allows researchers to respond faster to dynamic markets and deliver results with speed, ease, and flexibility.

“Research automation is finally here for that most painfully repetitive, yet highly important market insights effort, the tracking study,” says Janet Kosloff, CEO and co-founder of InCrowd. “Our MicroTracker provides a better way to track the key metrics that matter and free staff for more important analysis and summary work that delivers greater business impact.”

Actiance Releases Regulatory Platform

Actiance has launched the Actiance Platform for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Actiance’s next-generation, cloud-based, unified platform addresses new and existing regulatory retention and security and privacy requirements, while reducing the risk and expense of costly eDiscovery and compliance activities. With the Actiance Platform for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, organizations can embrace new communications channels while protecting data and ensuring compliance.

“Patients are taking greater control of healthcare decisions and increasingly demand real-time communications across new channels such as Skype and social media,” says Kailash Ambwani, CEO, Actiance. “However, due to regulatory and legal requirements associated with health-related data, the healthcare industry has been slow to respond. With the strain of new channels and huge increase in health data, existing record retention systems originally designed for email capture are reaching their breaking points.”

Bioclinica Offers Midmarket CTMS

Bioclinica, a specialty clinical trials technology and services provider, has introduced OnPoint Direct, a Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) geared toward mid-market biopharma and CROs. OnPoint Direct offers a cost-friendly pricing structure that empowers organizations to adopt a full-featured clinical trial management solution without the complex configuration, capital investment or perpetual licensing models customary of other systems.

“We recognize that some organizations run fewer studies, so we created a purpose-built CTMS just for them,” says Bioclinica’s VP of Product Management, eHealth Solutions, Ron Burns.

The solution is a rapid start version of Bioclinica’s OnPoint CTMS. It is an out-of-the-box solution that shares all of the same core functionality as the original OnPoint, but with streamlined configuration, slashing ramp-up time and investment.

The SaaS-based offering is delivered through Bioclinica’s secure eHealth Cloud, which leverages the Bioclinica Cloud Transformation Gateway, a secure standards-based integration exchange that connects its eClinical Platform to innovative third-party applications and industry data banks. (PV)


Cenduit, a joint venture between
Quintiles and Thermo Fisher Scientific, launched its upgraded patient reminders tool. Designed to improve patient compliance and engagement without placing added burdens on sites or sponsors, the expanded features include a two-way messaging dashboard and a mobile app.

DZS Clinical Services has enhanced
ClinPlus 3.1 eClinical software. The platform combines electronic data capture, a clinical trial management system, an interactive Web response system and eTMF functionality into a single, user-friendly platform. The eClinical software maximizes productivity while minimizing the risk in clinical programs by centrally managing system and project security, global contacts and institutions, project design reports and notifications.

TraceLink has released its South Korea Compliance module providing drug manufacturers and wholesale distributors with the ability to meet South Korea compliance and data management regulations in advance of the country’s July 1, 2016, enforcement deadline.

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