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Veeva CRM Suggestions Powers Sales Teams with Data-Driven Recommendations  

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PV0416_PaulShawahNow available to life-sciences companies in Europe is Veeva CRM Suggestions, which leverages the power of data science to recommend next best actions for engaging with customers across channels. Customer interactions grow increasingly more relevant and tailored to their individual needs. As part of Veeva CRM, the recommendations feed directly into sales reps’ regular workflows, where and when they need it most. All Veeva CRM customers automatically receive this new capability in the latest Veeva CRM release.

“Veeva CRM Suggestions can do what individuals cannot: quickly gather and connect customer insights from across multiple sources and embed suggestions for specific actions into systems that customer-facing teams use every day,” says Paul Shawah, VP of product marketing at Veeva. “We have the data today. Veeva CRM Suggestions makes sense of it all and puts it directly where field teams can use it for more consistent and impactful customer interactions call after call.”

Aurotech Introduces System to Manage Drug Development

Aurotech has launched the Drug Lifecycle Tracking Application (DLTA), which helps companies simplify work and process management PV0416_ToolsUpdatesacross the entire drug development cycle. For a CRO, DLTA can be implemented to improve clinical trial workflows across large teams or projects. For a pharmaceutical organization, the solution can function as an end-to-end work management platform, where only disparate systems have existed before.

DLTA is built on a leading project-management platform overlaid with knowledge of drug development and FDA requirements. The result is custom-mapped work management for the entire drug development lifecycle. Users have the ability to track, manage, and monitor projects from centralized and easy-to-use dashboards, and in-system collaboration improves the effectiveness of handoffs between teams.

“Having this full visibility in drug development projects is mission critical,” says Matt Mitchell, director of work management solutions at Aurotech.

Northern Light Launches Free Mobile Apps for Pharmaceutical Industry News

PV0416_ArticleReprintsNorthern Light added Northern Light Pharma News to its library of free business news apps for smartphones. Northern Light Pharma News features pharmaceutical industry news feeds aggregated from 40,000 business and technology stories a day from 6,300 Web business and technology news sources, including industry trade journals, global newspapers, and industry authority blogs.

Northern Light Pharma News is the second industry-specific edition in Northern Light’s family of mobile news apps. The company launched Northern Light IT News last year. Versions optimized for the financial services, healthcare, agribusiness, and energy industries will follow. (PV)

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