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Exco InTouch Launches Mobile Technology Suite for Clinical Trials

 Trending now:  New product suite supports patients, sites, and sponsors throughout the clinical journey.

PV0316_TimDavisExco InTouch, a provider of patient engagement and data capture solutions for clinical research and healthcare providers, has launched Gather. The product offers the industry a new way to manage stakeholder engagement in clinical trials and is specifically designed to simplify and connect the traditionally independent technology systems used in clinical trials today. The product suite offers end-to-end engagement for all participants in clinical studies, from design through to completion. This can now be delivered through one fully integrated system making clinical technology adoption simpler and more efficient for sponsors, sites and patients.

Tim Davis, CEO and founder of Exco InTouch comments, “The digital technology market for healthcare has grown rapidly in recent years and we believe that the time has come for our industry to take a step back and to re-assess how we approach the use of digital technology within the clinical environment. Gather is the realization of this vision.”

All modules, from patient recruitment and study design through to eCOA and reporting, are seamlessly connected and fully integrated into Gather, bringing a vast array of benefits to all those involved. For example, the system provides two-way transfer of information between patients, site managers and study teams, while ensuring it remains strictly within study protocols. Sponsors are able to simply select the modules suited to their trial protocols, adding and removing elements as appropriate with no disruption.

Veeva Solution Converts Web Content to Submission-Ready PDFs

Veeva Systems has introduced Veeva Web2PDF, a free online solution that converts Web content into complete PDFs. Open and available to all, at no cost, Veeva Web2PDF automates a highly manual, error-prone process by delivering a precise rendition of rich, interactive content in minutes, enabling faster digital content review and mark-up.

PV0316_JackieKentThis challenge is particularly acute for life-sciences organizations and their agency partners, which typically submit promotional content for review to health authorities and internal groups in PDF form.

“Agencies and brand teams typically spend hundreds of hours manually creating PDFs of websites, yet end up with inaccurate or incomplete renditions,” explains James Brown, VP and general manager of commercial content at Veeva. “When dynamic Web content isn’t precisely represented, it’s difficult to ensure accurate, timely review, impacting compliance. Bottlenecks occur as incorrect PDFs must be recreated and resubmitted, and by the time review is completed, claims and information may have changed.”

TransCelerate BioPharma Launches the Shared Investigator Platform

TransCelerate BioPharma has launched the Shared Investigator Platform (SIP), a technology that will allow clinical trial sites to streamline investigative site information, and establish a central access point for interaction between the site and multiple clinical trial sponsors.

The design and development of the SIP was made possible through important partnerships with several key stakeholders. To ensure the investigator site perspective was included in the design of the system, participating TransCelerate member companies collaborated with investigators through a site advocacy group provided through a partnership with the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS). The interface was developed by Cognizant, which incorporated capabilities by CA Technologies, DrugDev, Exostar, LifeRay and SumTotal.

“SIP benefits the patient by reducing the amount of time investigators dedicate to onerous administrative tasks, elevating the focus on the patient experience, a critical element to a trial’s overall success and a key strategic priority for TransCelerate,” says Shared Investigator Platform Initiative Leader Jackie Kent. “Our ultimate goal at TransCelerate is to ensure that medicines are delivered to patients quickly and safely, and the SIP plays a pivotal role in realizing that.”

Oracle Powers Precision Medicine Delivery With New Solution Connecting Research, Pathology, and Clinical Care

PV0316_SteveRosenbergTo advance the evolving field of precision medicine, Oracle Health Sciences has released Oracle Healthcare Precision Medicine. This software solution connects genetic testing, report generation, and clinical care decision-making to accelerate delivery of precision medicine while making it more attainable and affordable.

The advancement of precision medicine involves targeting large amounts of genetic data from gene panels to whole genome sequencing. The task of identifying, reviewing, and acting on these biomarkers falls to three groups of specialists, the researcher (uncovering the biomarkers), the molecular pathologist (identifying the actionable biomarkers for a given condition), and the clinician (evaluating the resulting data and advising on treatment plans).

These groups face challenges in isolating clinically actionable information and creating individual diagnostic reports. Lack of traceability, scalability, data privacy/security, siloed tools, disparate terminologies, and varied workflows all contribute to their inability to collaborate on the best therapy for the patient.

Oracle has extensive experience in data management and analysis down to the molecular level.

“We’ve developed Oracle Healthcare Precision Medicine as the next logical step in support of precision medicine,” says Steve Rosenberg, senior VP and general manager, Oracle Health Sciences.  (PV)

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