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Veeva Systems and UL EduNeering Partner to Deliver Integrated Learning Solution

Trending Now:  The partnership marries industry cloud solutions to improve quality and compliance across the value chain.

PV0216_EthanSmithUL EduNeering is delivering a connector integrating Veeva Vault QualityDocs, a cloud-based life-sciences document management and control solution, with its ComplianceWire, a learning management system. Developed by UL EduNeering, the connector leverages Vault’s open APIs and allows life-sciences companies to align training curriculum with regulated content, increasing inspection readiness, providing visibility into compliance risk, and elevating overall quality.

With UL EduNeering’s connector, companies leveraging Vault QualityDocs and ComplianceWire can provide reliable documentation, easy access and coordination of information and training, and full visibility into supporting processes — the building blocks for enhancing quality and compliance. The UL EduNeering connector can detect new training content in Vault QualityDocs and prompt the next appropriate action in ComplianceWire, ensuring employees are current on critical content and providing near real-time status on training and assessments.

In addition, Veeva and UL EduNeering’s connected solutions can streamline employee training for greater operational efficiency while eliminating content redundancy.

“Life-sciences companies will now have a faster and more compliant way to track and assess training progress, including knowledge comprehension,” says Ethan Smith, director of product strategy at Veeva. “No more lengthy delays from the time a change is made to an SOP, or other critical document, to the time employees have been trained on it. This integration enables up-to-the-minute SOP training status anytime throughout a quality document’s lifecycle.”

In other Veeva news, Veeva Systems has launched Veeva KOL Data, now available as a subscription. Eliminating information silos, Veeva KOL Data can provide a single, global source of key stakeholder information for better key opinion leader identification and engagement. By delivering a consolidated feed of continuously updated information and unique insights on KOLs worldwide, the solution maximizes coverage of core decision makers and enables a tailored KOL experience.

Parexel Launches Impact Express Clinical Trial Management System

Paraxel International has introduced Impact Express Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS). The solution provides a quick-to-implement, cost-effective clinical trial management solution to simplify clinical trial management and monitoring for small to midsized biopharmaceutical companies.

“Parexel developed Impact Express for biopharmaceutical and biotech companies in need of a scalable, rapid-to-deploy, and cost-effective CTMS option to intelligently manage the complexities of clinical trials,” says Patrick Nadolny, VP of product management, data and analytics services, Parexel Informatics. “By applying a process-driven approach to trial management and monitoring, biopharma companies will be better able to save time and money while simplifying their drug development journey.”

Quintiles Launches Integrated Asset Development Service

Quintiles has launched its Integrated Asset Development Plan (IADP) offering. This new suite of services combines development strategy, regulatory strategy, market and patient access and commercial expertise, with in-depth therapeutic knowledge, a facilitated strategic-planning process, data analytics, and modeling to deliver an integrated asset-development plan.

IADP brings together cross-functional strategies and operational delivery to enable more informed decisions that speed market access, fulfill regulatory requirements, and help optimize commercial potential. Potential assets that could benefit from this new offering include small molecule drugs, biologics, medical devices, combination therapies, and novel technologies.

“In today’s increasingly complex healthcare market, a successful asset must meet key value objectives and evidence needs for a variety of stakeholders, including patients, providers, regulators, and payers,” says Rick Sax, M.D., senior VP, Quintiles Advisory Services. “A successful asset development plan considers the dynamic requirements of stakeholders to enable better decisions during development. With IADP, we bring an objective view of commercial viability, a structured design process and robust technology to create an approach that helps our customers improve their probability of success.”

Accenture and Adobe Expand Alliance to Advance Digital Transformation

Accenture and Adobe have expanded their global alliance to create and deliver digital marketing solutions for life-sciences, healthcare, and financial services organizations in North America and Europe. Under a new three-year agreement, Accenture and Adobe are developing technology services and solutions designed to help customers in these particular industries drive greater marketing performance and efficiency.

Accenture and Adobe are creating a dedicated team with industry and digital marketing experience, sales personnel, and developers to integrate Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions with digital marketing services from Accenture Interactive, part of Accenture Digital.

Glen Hartman, senior managing director for Accenture Interactive North America, says “Accenture and Adobe are building on our already strong alliance to establish a landmark in the digital marketing industry. Organizations demand digital marketing solutions that support their markets, can be rolled out quickly, and help drive specific business outcomes. This requires true collaboration and innovation between services and technology providers.”  (PV)

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