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PV0715_MaryRoseRogowskiMary Rose Rogowski
Title: Creative Director, Art
Company: PulseCX
Education: Visual Communications, Art Institute of Philadelphia
Family: Husband, Brett; two daughters, Riley, 6, Quinn, 4
Hobbies: Art, literature, movies, music, cooking, and building N-scale model trains
Bucket List: 
Travel the world, especially to far off places in Africa, Europe, and India
Awards/Honors: 2008 Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association Rising Star; Addys; The Communicator Awards; DTC Nationals; In-Awe Awards; Graphic Design USA; Greatest Creators Showcase; The Globals; The Mannys; MM&M Awards; Philly Gold; Rx Club
Associations: Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association

Creating a Brand and Team Experience

Mary Rose Rogowski joined PulseCX in 2013 and from the moment she walked in the door the energy level at the agency skyrocketed.

Colleagues describe the successful creative director as part brand orchestrator, confidant, big-idea person, mentor, cheerleader, artist, producer, and business builder.

Along with bringing endless enthusiasm and fun to the workplace, she also brings experience.

With 20 years of healthcare professional and consumer healthcare advertising experience, she has had the opportunity to work on both domestic and international brands with more than 20 major pharmaceutical companies on virtually every therapeutic area.

Ms. Rogowski has a solid understanding of all aspects of brand marketing and creates an experience for everyone she comes in contact with, whether they are clients or coworkers.

She engages others with her strategic mind, artistic excellence, and an amazing sense of humor. She is an active participant at all agency functions and serves on the agency’s “Impulse” committee, bringing endless ideas to foster and maintain PulseCX’s unique culture.

“I focus on being real and I believe that leading by example and demonstrating personal integrity are key,” she says. “I’ve also gotten more inspiration when I was empowered to take ownership. So, I try to inspire others by giving them the same freedom. It’s important to foster an environment where individuals feel any idea is welcome.”

She is an exceptional conceptual thinker and a highly skilled designer with cutting-edge creative ideas. Ms. Rogowski possesses a strong sense of business acumen and strategic insights.

A recent example of her creative vision and direction is the work she and her team did on behalf of Emergent BioSolutions to create a campaign for its hemophilia drug. The creative team was presented with the challenge of understanding a patient population that was underserved by current treatment options. Ms. Rogowski got into the mind of hemophilia patients to uncover their experience with current therapies, perceptions, and current methods of coping with the disease. The result was a truly unique experience for patients attending the recent National Hemophilia Foundation Convention in Washington, D.C.  The team created a green screen experience at the conference, where attendees could pick a backdrop of the capital city for a fun photo session wearing a T-shirt of their choosing emblazoned with “Fierce,” “Driven,” “Focused,” or “Relentless.”

These patients were empowered to view their disease in a new and positive way, while having a personally engaging experience.

“This campaign, one of my career highlights, gave me the opportunity to connect deeply with a patient community that is passionate about supporting each other and living full, active lives,” she says. “Hearing directly from patients how the brand would positively impact their lives helped me know that my work is making a real difference. To me, this is one of the highest forms of success.”

Ms. Rogowski hopes to continue to create compelling work that truly touches the people who experience it, while staying true to herself throughout her career.

“Nothing can stop me from accomplishing what I set out to do,” she says. “The bigger the challenge, the more determined I am to make it happen.”

Her determination to make a difference extends beyond those of the patients she touches through her insightful and creative executions. Ms. Rogowski is also a mentor, a role she considers to be an important part of her professional life.

“Mentoring is an opportunity to help shape and grow young talent,” she says. “And it’s an opportunity for me to grow as well. I share the lessons I’ve learned along the way, and I try to create as many opportunities as possible for team members to shine and grow in their own way. Mentoring is a great way to pay forward the help and recognition I’ve received in my career.”

Ms. Rogowski is also passionate about giving back to the community and is a loyal supporter of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association.

“My close friend and mentor lost his battle with ALS at a young age,” she says. “While his body deteriorated, his spirit never wavered. Since then I have supported the ALS Association in its quest to find a cure”. (PV)

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